Double containment piping — installing a pipe within a pipe — prevents leaks and provides added security to any piping design. Brilliant in its simplicity, a double contained piping system uses a primary (carrier) pipe that is housed in a secondary (containment) pipe, providing an extra layer of protection should the primary pipe leak. These systems include leak detection devices, which call attention to leaks before the second protective pipe can be breached.

Sewage, dangerous chemicals, or even plain water can cause irreparable damage to a business. Imagine sewer lines running over operating tables, experimental pharmaceuticals being contaminated, or high-tech equipment getting soaked when a water pipe bursts.

It happens. Insurance is all well and good, but insurance can’t replace priceless museum artifacts or data backups storing the information of millions of people. When it comes to protecting the vital components of your business, many companies find double containment systems a worthy investment.

Protecting companies from harm

IPEX USA, a partner of The Macomb Group, is a specialist in double containment piping, bringing nearly 30 years of experience to their solutions. Scott R. Greyerbiehl, Regional Sales Manager of the Industrial Division, has seen both the tragedies and the prevention that pays off when disaster is averted.

An example of a tragedy involves a major hospital in which the sewer line leaked into an operating room during a surgery. This is a serious liability that caused the health department to step in. They required and supervised the engineering and installation of a double containment piping system.

“Double contained systems should always be considered,” Scott insists. “We design systems that protect companies that are conveying hazardous materials. We help companies protect their employees from harm. Even water can be very destructive.”

Reliable service from beginning to end

Some piping applications can’t be handled with off-the-shelf solutions. IPEX specializes in custom engineering and design of double containment piping systems. They prove the efficiency and functionality of each system in a facility dedicated to that purpose.

“Our engineers make recommendations for the most unique situations in fluid conveyance. We assist in system design, quote it, build the system, test it, package it, and ship it,” Scott says.

“But we don’t stop there,” he adds. “We have a Total Access policy. We can assist the onsite technicians with installation and training. If the leak detection system were to fail or detect a leak, we can assist in identifying where the leak is and help recalibrate the system once it’s repaired.”

He continues: “Total Access is the keyword. We don’t shake your hand and say, ‘Hey good luck.’ Part of the reason we’re successful is that we’re there before, during, and after the system is installed.”

Scott reports that IPEX and The Macomb Group are a well-matched partnership because they have these shared values and a shared mission.

“We share a philosophy and culture,” he says. “We both choose to be there for our customers, even after the sale. We know that our credibility is on the line, so we make ourselves accessible.”

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