For many jobs, you can place a simple order for materials, take delivery, and get on with the job.

But when you have a BIG project — one that will keep you working nonstop for months — ordering and receiving materials can be both complex and challenging.

You need both a macro and micro perspective — an overview of the entire project, a finely tuned breakdown of requirements and materials, and precise delivery timing. So, you don’t just need a supplier; you really need a partner that’s in tune with you every step of the way — and even ahead of you, anticipating your needs.

That’s exactly the relationship The Macomb Group has built with Ohio contractor Dunbar Mechanical, and it couldn’t have happened without our Toledo Branch Manager Dale Coffield and his warehouse staff, as well as the Warehouse Manager Troy Yost. Our close attention to detail has proved critical for the smooth project management of a major new chemical plant in Bowling Green, Ohio.

After winning the contract from cleaning products group Betco, Dunbar turned to The Macomb Group for its supplies. This was to be a fast-track job and, because of an established relationship with The Macomb Group Toledo Sales Representative Gale Heller, Dunbar was confident we could deliver.

In fact, Dunbar has been one of Gale’s customers for 40 years, 18 of them at The Macomb Group. Gale has served three generations of the contractor’s family owners.

Expertise you can count on

Beyond the personal touch, Dunbar also knew they could count on The Macomb Group’s breadth and depth of expertise in the PVF business. That knowledge, and our large local inventory, makes us their leading supplier.

That inventory is vital for a complete project supply program that includes 60,000 feet of CS, SS, and PVP pipe and fittings, 700 pneumatic actuated valves, 1,000 manual valves, plus mountains of other specialty products such as expansion joints and hoses.

Keeping track of inventory and timing requirements, The Macomb Group has been delivering to the site twice a day and booking orders up to six or seven times daily.

“Our biggest challenge has been keeping up with non-stock orders to make sure we stay ahead of their schedule,” says Gale. “We’re pre-buying using Dunbar’s CAD take-offs and have been doing a solid job keeping pace with their needs.”

Staying on track with the multifaceted requirements of an order of this scale demands minute attention to detail.

The Macomb Group’s culture of forming solid relationships allows our customers to have confidence in our capabilities for even the biggest and most complex work.

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