Retrofitting actuated valves and assemblies can be daunting. They could be everywhere in your plant, and the cost of replacing them can be high when you count not only the parts, but also downtime and labor.

Did you know Macomb’s Instrumentation Division can take some of the headache out of this critical task?

Steve Barton is one of The Macomb Group’s custom solutions providers. With a degree in Mechanical Design and wide experience in device mounting solutions, Steve’s creativity and expertise can save customers time and money.

Our unique approach can include looking for opportunities to adapt and re-use existing equipment, as well as devising innovative solutions to what can seem like insurmountable challenges.

Puzzle parts 
“These are all parts of a puzzle and you’ve got to make sure everything is going to fit right and work right,” Steve says.

  • Understanding the application that requires the solution
  • Identifying the required specifications for the five key components: media, torque, pressure, temperature, and flow
  • Reviewing systems by studying equipment and process diagrams, or
  • Working with manufacturers where there are no published diagrams
  • Developing the custom solution

Re-using and retrofitting equipment is gaining importance these days as companies look for ways to save money and use existing spares.

“In the main, the throwaway mentality doesn’t exist anymore for our customers,” says Steve, “so it doesn’t exist for us. We can step in and show customers how they can use what they already have, make it work for them, and save money.”

Unique solutions
This happened recently with a major OEM company that needed to replace valves, but also had a large shelf stock of actuators they were anxious to use up.

“So we’ve devised a method for helping them to retrofit those older actuators to the new valves,” Steve explains. “But every solution is unique. There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’. The key is doing our homework: knowing the customer and knowing our products, to provide the solution that supports their business.”

Do you have a problem that needs a custom solution? Give us a shot at it! Contact us by email at or by phone at 888-756-4110.