When you’re a busy contractor placing a materials order, who do you deal with at your supplier company? Maybe a few people, but who do you meet in person — face to face?

The salesperson, of course … and the driver who delivers your materials.

Your main impression of that company happens at the beginning and end of the process. And the last impression is as important as the first. The company might do many things right in dealing with you, but if the delivery is poor, your project suffers.

On the other hand, if the last impression is as good as the first, you know you’re working with a company that really cares about its customers at every stage of the transaction.

That’s why The Macomb Group counts on its drivers to create a lasting last impression — and why one customer was so impressed with our delivery that he took the time to tell us and thank one particular driver, Ernie Tomar.

Lasting impression

Frank Favaro, Territory Manager at our Cleveland office, takes up the story:

“First off, we were under the gun to deliver some material for the customer, Morrone Mechanical. Time was tight but we were able to deliver it when no one else could. Everyone involved, including the fabrication shop, knew how critical it was.

“Ernie delivered that material and left a lasting impression. He went out of his way to be extremely polite — not only to the people he was delivering to but also the inside people in the office. He introduced himself so that he knew who everyone was. He went out of his way — not just to do his job, but to meet everyone and make sure they’re all on a first name basis — and I think our customer really appreciated that.”

Indeed, he did. The customer wrote to Frank thanking The Macomb Group for the speedy response, adding: “Your driver Ernie is an asset to your operations who probably is taken for granted by a lot of customers and should be given recognition. He is by far one of the most professional, polite, efficient drivers I’ve dealt with here — and I deal with quite a few.”

Furthermore, this was the first time in a while The Macomb Group had worked with Morrone, and the outstanding start-to-finish service has strengthened relationships, ensuring The Macomb Group is now one of their go-to suppliers.

Part of the culture

This quality service is no accident. Our Cleveland office covers seven counties with five regular drivers making up to 20 deliveries a day — 100 a week! — to the same high standard.

It’s part of the culture that permeates every part of The Macomb Group.

“It begins with hiring quality people who have a lot of personal pride in their work,” Frank explains. “You have to find the right people. Our drivers really treat their job almost as if it’s their own business. They have that pride.”

Applying that concept to delivery drivers is critical. As the last point of contact in a transaction, they can make or break relationships.

“A lot of times I think that the drivers don’t feel as appreciated they should be,” Frank adds. “It’s time to give them some recognition. Ernie does a great job and there are a lot of other drivers out there at Macomb that do the exact same thing. It’s right for them to get recognition because, at a critical point, they are the face of the business.”

THANK YOU to all our amazing, committed, professional drivers!

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