Tags: National Fire Prevention Week

This week, Oct. 3-9, is observed as National Fire Prevention Week; a good time to spotlight the work of The Macomb Group’s Fire & Fabrication Division.

According to Jeff Sancricca, the division’s supervisor and e-commerce team member, the “fire fab” division supplies a wide range of products for commercial fire sprinkler/suppression systems, including piping, sprinkler heads, and both visual and audible alarms.

Contractors tasked with engineering and building the systems work with Fire & Fabrication Division experts to choose the appropriate components. “We play a key role in unison with that,” says Sancricca. “We “fab” pipe to the exact specifications presented to us via the contractor’s take-offs or spec sheets.

We provide them, in essence, with their “tinker toys” ready for immediate, hassle free, installation of their designed fire suppression system.” Sancricca notes.

While the Fire & Fabrication Division sells and fabricates products designed to stop fire from causing injury or death, and minimizing property loss, Sancricca emphasizes that the number one goal all fire prevention and protection services have in common “is that everybody comes home safe.”

For more information about National Fire Prevention Week please visit nfpa.org/fpw.

The Macomb Group Fire & Fabrication Division provides licensed fire protection contractors and engineers a diverse mix of products from top-notch manufacturers. Best of all, when you choose The Macomb Group for your fire protection needs, you’ll enjoy working with the most enthusiastic team in the fire protection industry. With more than 60 years of experience, our fire protection experts lead the industry by offering unmatched customer service that you can rely on whenever and wherever you need them, at our Grand Rapids, Akron, and Sterling Heights Branches.