The Macomb Group is pleased to announce that on June 14, we completed the acquisition of R.L. Bondy Insulation Inc.

The integration of the two companies is a natural fit that brings another unique vertical market to The Macomb Group’s offerings. The merger is expected to make vendor management easier for our customers and also give them potential pricing advantages. In addition, R.L. Bondy will increase its revenue by taking advantage of the greater geographic reach The Macomb Group offers.

Started by Richard Bondy in 1992 in Madison Heights, Mich., R.L. Bondy brings expertise in the commercial and industrial mechanical insulation market. The company serves a variety of customers in the petrochemical, power generation, automotive, educational, and healthcare industries. The company installs mechanical insulation for piping, duct equipment, and boiler walls, and it installs weatherproof lagging for mechanical piping and plumbing contractors, general contractors, and facility owners.

R.L. Bondy has grown from revenues of $1 million in 1992 to $29 million in 2012. “We expect to bring a significant revenue enhancement to R.L. Bondy, which has until now primarily served the metro Detroit area,” notes Bill McGivern, CEO of The Macomb Group.

“Because the connection to The Macomb Group will allow R.L. Bondy to expand its geographic footprint throughout the region we serve, we expect to provide a springboard that will increase revenues as much as three to four times in the next five years,” he adds.

Business as usual

The Macomb Group and R.L. Bondy have often worked with the same customers and have always had a friendly and complementary relationship. The Macomb Group provided customers with piping and fittings, and R.L. Bondy would follow with the insulation for the piping systems.

Although Macomb is now the owner and operator, R.L. Bondy will continue to operate as an autonomous business, with no changes to its independent operations. President Jay Bath, who has been with R.L. Bondy for eight years, knows the staff and the business and will take over the operational reins.

“We are looking forward to working with and getting to know everyone at The Macomb Group,” Jay says. “We strongly believe that our and The Macomb Group’s relationships in the industry will lead to many more opportunities for continued success.”

Better connections offer benefits to customers

R.L. Bondy currently employs 60 insulators, many of whom have been with the company since it started in 1992.

Adding this level of expertise to the already skilled mix that The Macomb Group offers is great for customers who are looking for a complete piping solution.

“By bringing our companies together, we provide the opportunity for our customers to negotiate with just one vendor instead of two for an overall better price for their piping projects,” Bill explains. “The connection will also simplify their processes as they design and schedule their projects.”

The two companies are a perfect match. As Bill says, “Our traditional PVF business is the meat of the hamburger. R.L. Bondy is the bun.”

We’re excited to welcome our valued new associates at R.L. Bondy!

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