Three years ago, The Macomb Group’s Akron, Ohio, facility in Richfield served customers out of a space measuring just 14,000 square feet. When that space became inadequate, Macomb moved to a 35,000-square-foot facility with cranes. Now, just two years later, we’ve outgrown that space too! We’ve just acquired a 75,000-square-foot building that we expect to house our growing inventory and personnel well into the future.

This location will support our expansion eastward into the areas including Steubenville, Ohio, and Pittsburg, Penn. The new facility is being renovated, and the move from the current location is expected later this year.

Macomb’s General Manager Dennis Roberts is excited about the upgrades in the new facility. “We’re going to make this a first-class facility,” he says. “We’re modernizing all the utilities to take advantage of eco-friendly lighting and heating options. We’ll have fast-moving overhead doors. And we’ll also increase the space devoted to will-call, as we expect that traffic to increase significantly in this more central location.”

Dennis notes that the new facility will continue to offer the full range of The Macomb Group’s products and resources, and it will also house two of the company’s specialty service divisions.

He explains, “Our main corporate facility houses our Fire Protection division. This new facility will provide support for those services using the talents of fire protection experts who will specialize in doing take-offs of drawings and fabrication and welding of sprinkler systems.”

In addition, the Akron facility will support The Macomb Group’s overall vision for having more presence in the oil and gas industry. “The oil and gas fields have presented many new opportunities to us,” notes Dennis. “We’ll have a significant inventory devoted to the oil field business.”

Dennis says the facility’s oil-related inventory will include

  • high-pressure Trunnion ball valves;
  • a $.5 million inventory of oil field valves from KF/Circor Industries;
  • high-yield flanges and fittings; and
  • X-grade pipe and coated pipe.

The Macomb Group is planning a special ceremony when the new facility opens its doors. Watch The Macomb Pipeline for more details about the event!

Further coverage for South-Central U.S. customers
The excitement about the move to the new Akron facility comes right on the heels of another expansion. On April 1, The Macomb Group opened its newest satellite location in Carrollton, Ky.

The Macomb-Group’s Midland Division Manager Scott Henegar says the new Carrollton facility completes a trio of locations that serve the region, joining the Dayton satellite location and the regional hub in Cincinnati to allow customers local access to the services they need.

“People like to do business locally,” says Scott. “The goal of these satellites is to establish a presence in close proximity to customers in the region, offering complete service capabilities and inventories. These are smaller facilities with inventories aligned to local need, supported by our much larger hub location.”

The new Carrollton satellite branch will specifically serve a 20-mile radius of North-Central Kentucky, and expand its reach into Louisville and east toward Lexington. Local inventory is still developing but will be aligned with the chemical, steel, and power industries in that area.

In addition to bringing services to the area, Macomb also brings a personal connection. Scott says, “Macomb always favors employing people from the communities we service as opposed to transplanting from other locations and geographies. Our team in the Carrollton branch all call that area home and have a wide personal and professional network.”

Tongue firmly in cheek, he adds, “It has been well documented by every outside contributor to the opening of the Carrollton branch that General Manager Selena Carli literally knows every single person that lives within the 502 area code.” – See more at:

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