Westlock K20 Electro-Pneumatic Positioners are the latest next-generation tool to proportionally control and modulate valves. With a global reputation for providing innovative solutions, Westlock Controls has once again outdone themselves. These positioners will transform your business with cutting-edge technology designed to improve productivity and reduce maintenance downtime, enabling efficient operations while reducing costs.

The Macomb Group’s Instrumentation Division continues to utilize Westlock products because they are considered to be one of the world’s leading manufacturers for process companies, supporting innovation and future-forward designs with the latest emerging technologies.

The Westlock K20 Electro-Pneumatic Positioner is primarily used for quarter-turn valves. The positioner converts an electric control signal over to pneumatic, which in turn is the driving force to turn the actuator/valve. This technology has existed for some time, but not with the advanced features and benefits that are now included as standard with the K20.


The K20’s most impressive feature is autocalibration. Anyone installing a new valve or working in the field, as well as anyone who has had to set the “zero” and “span” on an I/P module, will appreciate this function. The positioner will stroke the valve to fully open and fully closed positions on its own in order to determine those locations. The K20 will then proportionally adjust the control signal to that range.

But don’t worry if you would rather manually calibrate your positioner. This option is still available on the K20 when desired, but now you can benefit from its other impressive features.

LCD display

The K20’s LCD display gives users a true way to understand where the controller is trying to position the valve. This is in contrast to having to use three different indicators to figure out what the controller is doing on less-advanced models.

Standard 4-20mA feedback

The K20 comes standard with a 4-20mA feedback position transmitter for verification that the valve package is tracking correctly. For those who require this confirmation, there is a significant cost savings because this feature can be costly to add to some of the “a la carte” modular-type positioners.

Hall Effect positioning sensor

The K20 uses a magnet to locate the physical position of the valve regardless of its clockwise or counterclockwise rotation. This feature extends the product life while reducing maintenance and improving performance under vibration. No more worrying about mechanical linkages that wear out or fall out of adjustment.

Globally certified with hazardous location approvals

Every unit is globally certified and comes with intrinsically safe, non-incendive, Class I Division 1 and 2 hazardous location approvals as standard.

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