The Instrumentation Division at The Macomb Group is working on a unique wastewater treatment facility project. – See more at: The task: Create a level gauge that measures the level of ferrous chloride in treatment tanks. The chemicals involved are highly corrosive and toxic, which is a critical safety concern. The purpose of the gauge is like the float system of a gas tank gauge in a car or a toilet float; it signals that the tank is full and the flow of liquid should shut off. The problem: No metal can come into contact with the chemicals, which rules out existing gauge technology. Combining their years of experience and a dash of ingenuity, the Instrumentation Division is developing a custom ultrasonic device that will not require any physical contact with the fluid at all. The device will use an ultrasonic frequency to measure the fluid level in the tank and send a signal back to the control system. Custom is the norm Inventing new solutions to fit an infinite number of industries, materials, and applications is not out of the ordinary for The Macomb Group. This type of creative problem-solving is simply the company’s normal, explains Terry McGivern, Inside Sales Manager for the group. McGivern and fellow Inside Sales Manager John Mazzie have been in the business since the late 1980s and early 1990s. They have worked their way up through the company, gathering expertise in almost every area of the piping wholesale business, including valves and gauges.

“The Instrumentation Division works with every process and system of the company,” says McGivern. Other divisions come to the Instrumentation team for calibration services and actuated valves and controls. Although The Macomb Group does carry a large stock of off-the-shelf valves and controls, they do a great deal of custom work, often inventing solutions that fit the customers need.

For the best solutions, come to the best team Customers in a variety of industries will come to the Instrumentation Division with a problem that has no apparent solution, or an application with a complication they don’t quite know how to fix. The customer will give the highly experienced Instrumentation team a set of parameters to tackle.

“Knowing the right questions to ask is half the battle,” says Mazzie. He also notes that having skilled, experienced people on the Instrumentation team allows for tremendous creativity.

Steve Barton, Inside Sales, has a vast knowledge of all of The Macomb Group’s products, which is essential to the Instrumentation Division. Because The Macomb Group carries such a vast inventory of many different types of piping and pipe accessories from various manufacturers, it is common for the group to combine various piping, couplings, valves, and gauges to give the customer the most effective combination. – See more at:,