Proper insulation is extremely important to keep mechanical systems up and running. But the moment a leak or another issue occurs, insulation can make a quick-fix impossible. Luckily, there is a solution to this dilemma: removable insulation covers. With The Macomb Group’s acquisition of R.L. Bondy, we can now offer our customers custom removable covers for all types of valves, equipment, pumps, and more.

Whether insulation is needed for high- or low-temperature piping systems used for commercial, institutional, or industrial applications, a solution is available. Although most projects are installed using predetermined specifications, R.L. Bondy is capable of evaluating project plans for safety, efficiency, and value, and can recommend a variety of alternative insulation materials.

The covers are designed with your system’s temperature in mind. They help to maintain an ideal heat level to protect system operators from potential burns when they need to uncover the item for maintenance. They also allow easy accessibility without destroying the insulation around the system.

If a leak or emergency were to occur with your piping systems, heavy duty equipment, or ductwork, removable insulation covers could save you time, money — and a whole lot of stress.

What does acquisition mean for R.L. Bondy?

Although R.L. Bondy is now a part of The Macomb Group, it maintains complete control over both production quality and schedule to ensure efficiency and streamline even the most demanding assignment.

The Macomb Group’s 325,000-square-foot Sterling Heights warehouse combined with the resources of R.L. Bondy offer ample material storage capacity. Preplanned material delivery ensures better productivity and avoids material loss and damage. These expanded resources, along with our staff of industry experts, allow us to serve our customers even better than before.

We can help make your job easier for you. Contact RL Bondy by email at or by phone at 248-547-8616.