At The Macomb Group, we believe in reinvention as part of the spirit of continuous improvement.

That’s because today’s manufacturing and industrial processes require an intense devotion to product improvement. Each new product rollout gives us an opportunity to increase our clients’ on-the-job performance.

This is exactly why we are transitioning to NIBCO press fittings over Viega product offerings. Let’s look at how this change will have an impact on our clients.

NIBCO and your ROI

After extensive research, switching from Viega to NIBCO was an obvious choice for our team. NIBCO has ten manufacturing plants around the world and has been offering high-value products to industrial clients for more than 100 years. Longevity aside, NIBCO offers better value and higher quality than the Viega line, making a strong business case for the switchover.

Some of the features we appreciate in the NIBCO press fitting and press valve products include:

  • The press-on watertight seal with a pressure seal that joins seamless water copper tubes in both residential and commercial applications.
  • Product quality, including dezincification-resistance and lead-free compliance.
  • Product ease of use is higher than the competitors’. Tolerances are tighter so the large diameter fittings meld more seamlessly between couplings. Generally, we’ve found the NIBCO products to be easier to use than the competition’s.
  • Product choices to include copper, bronze, stainless steel, or plastic, as well as flanged, threaded, solder, or press end. A full range of product sizes is also available.
  • Unparalleled customer service.
  • The NIBCO warranty, which guarantees most products 50 years, an offering that goes beyond industry standards.
  • Wider product variety and more competitive pricing that we can pass along to our clients.

The NIBCO is a no-flame product, making it easier to use, safer, and longer lasting than traditional pipe and valve products.

NIBCO benefits

An additional benefit of the NIBCO press fittings product line is that The Macomb Group already supplies our clients with NIBCO press valves. Making the transition to NIBCO press fittings simply makes sense from a client perspective. NIBCO’s press technology is more advanced, and the integrations between the press fittings and valves are tight.

With that in mind, the transition from Viega to NIBCO for press fittings simply makes sense.

The Macomb Group has a pre-established 20-plus year relationship with NIBCO. We’ve seen the company’s history of innovation and dedication to quality first-hand. NIBCO is both cutting edge and extremely reliable — a combination that makes the transition a no-brainer for our team.

Transitioning to NIBCO

The transition to the NIBCO product line is well underway. Whether it’s residential or commercial applications, this new partnership between The Macomb Group and NIBCO is a match that will only benefit your team. While we don’t know what new innovations the NIBCO team will come up with next, we can say with confidence that it will be designed to improve your business products and services.

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