When you visit a company’s website, what do you expect to see? More to the point, how often are you frustrated by what you don’t see or your inability to find something specific?

You want information about the company, its products and services, and why you should do business with them. But you also might expect to be able to buy directly from a site. However, although eCommerce is common for consumer products, the same can’t be said for many business-to-business (B2B) websites, especially those providing wholesale distribution.

We’ve tackled this issue head-on at The Macomb Group with a comprehensive new website due to launch soon. And we’re sure it will transform your online product-sourcing experience.

eCommerce for contractors? Yes!

Forget any preconceptions you might have about eCommerce in the pipe, valves, and fittings business.

Many companies in our space don’t even have an eCommerce offering. And if they do, they often have incomplete product listings and limited traceability. Big industrial sites may offer a better sourcing and shopping experience, but they simply can’t handle the unique B2B relationships and great support service that customers expect from The Macomb Group.

Guiding principle

The guiding principle in developing our new website has been to provide the seamless, full-service experience you expect from The Macomb Group. Our goal is to augment and enhance the great customer service we already provide with a leading-edge eCommerce solution that delivers the same best-in-class standards.

The new, easy-to-navigate site will include:

  • A fully searchable catalog across 15 categories, mapped behind the scenes with tags and keywords that ensure you always find the products you’re looking for
  • Detailed information for more than 40,000 products, including images, short and long descriptions, specification sheets, referencing manufacturer, UPCs, plus The Macomb Group and your company’s part numbers
  • The ability to filter searches for specific attributes such as brand, size, material, and domestic or import manufacturer
  • Instant information about availability, lead times, unit cost, and multiple costs, along with the ability to order from assigned job pricing — and then track your order

The site includes improved vendor and location pages, has been designed to be responsive to any access point you use — desktop or mobile — and has been specifically optimized for tablets and other mobile devices.

Total online solution

The new site will also offer real-time integration with our internal enterprise resource planning system, so we can make sure your order is directly linked with The Macomb Group’s customer account management service.

In other words, this is a total online eCommerce solution built on our established quality of service. You’ll be able to get the information you want and place the orders you need faster and more efficiently that ever — but with the full, person-to-person support and backup you expect from The Macomb Group.

Our new site isn’t just a face-lift. It’s a comprehensive redesign aimed at making it easier for you to do business with us.

Watch for the launch of the new site in early 2016!