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Customers looking to obtain timely quotes and the best prices on any large PVF project have an industry expert working for them in the background – The Macomb Group’s Corporate Quotations Team.

This group works hand-in-hand with all of The Macomb Group’s salespeople and branch locations to provide timely product quotes for all types of large-scale mechanical projects.

“Whether it’s a bid or buy request, we provide the needed support for the inside salesforce who typically wouldn’t have the time to work on quotations,” said Mike Barnett, part of the four-person Corporate Quotations team.

“From the corporate perspective, our work reflects The Macomb Group brand image for professionalism and customer service,” added Corporate Quotations Manager Steve Dixon. “We operate from a standardized format so that our customers are going to see a consistent format and theme whenever they are seeking product quotes.”

Dixon and Barnett noted that the current volatility of product pricing and availability have created challenging times for PVF suppliers and customers alike.

“We work directly with our head of purchasing,” said Dixon, “so we’re in constant communication and can react to changes going on in the marketplace, which is critical with everything changing so quickly.”

For example, a recent CNN Business report looking at the steel industry said prices have tripled with the reopening of the economy. According to the report, “After bottoming out around $460 last year, U.S. benchmark hot-rolled coil steel prices are now sitting at around $1,500 a ton – nearly triple the 20-year average.”

Price swings on other industrial materials are also taking place.

“We take all of the latest available supply chain and pricing information into account when preparing a quote, doing so in a professional manner,” Dixon explained. “We’re letting contractors know through our sales team what to watch out for in light of changing prices, and anything else we can do to help them be successful with their projects.”

Added Barnett, “This work helps them in this market by having current up-to-date prices and making sure they aren’t losing money on their projects.”

Many large-scale project quotes can involve thousands of line items, often requiring intense focus to ensure customers get the information they need in a timely fashion.

“With our experience and use of technology, we can combine large amounts of pricing information and get it out quickly, eliminating a lot of time and effort,” Dixon said.

Whether it’s a large project requiring multiple quotes for multiple products, or PVF products for routine maintenance, the driving philosophy at The Macomb Group is to provide superior customer service – “Built to say YES.”

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