The Macomb Group strives to be on the cutting edge of engineered products. Teaming up with a revolutionary company like Grundfos puts us ahead of the game.

Grundfos is a privately owned company that can never be sold or traded. This allows the company’s owners to steer the ship. The direction in which Grundfos is headed is very clear. Approximately 5% of company revenue is directed toward research and development. This is an ownership-driven requirement year after year, regardless of sales. This proactive investment keeps them a step ahead of the competition.

Electro-commutated motor (ECM) technology plus “smart” pump technology equals energy savings

Electro-commutated technology has been around for several years now, but we have only recently started seeing real adoption of it. The customers who have it know its value: Out of the box, an ECM circulator will yield the same flow rate as a traditional induction-type circulator while consuming 50% less energy.

When this innovation is tied in with smart technology like the Grundfos MAGNA and ALPHA pumps, energy savings is huge. Smart pumps have built-in variable frequency drives to ramp down speeds. As the valves in the different system sections open or close with rising or falling demand, these pumps automatically ramp up or down to meet the load.

Smart pumps also have an integrated logic board to “learn” the system’s usage patterns. With the data they collect, the pumps automatically adjust further to boost the standard 50% energy savings into the 60-80% range. Customers can choose from a range of different modes to operate in for optional efficiency. Would you like to know more?

Energy companies are on board with Grundfos

The Macomb Group has been working with Grundfos to show these savings in real, local applications. A prime example is a solution in place at Ferris State University in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

We did an energy audit on an existing constant speed pump. We then replaced that pump with a Grundfos MAGNA with the same capacities. After we recalculated the energy usage, we found a 61% savings. The chart below shows the results.

If you look at the life cycle of the pumps, represented in the bars above, you will see shown in blue the initial cost: only 5% of the total cost of ownership.

You will also notice that the MAGNA has no maintenance cost (the green section of the bar) built into the life cycle. This is because Grundfos MAGNA and ALPHA pumps have no mechanical seals. They have a “wet rotor design” that saves the maintenance team both time and money.

Auditing pays

The Macomb Group and Grundfos have used audits across the state of Michigan to successfully prove large savings time and again.

Why go through the whole audit process? We are not just providing proof of return on investment to our customers; we are educating energy companies about the large-kilowatt savings Grundfos can bring to the table.

This education effort is important because companies like DTE Energy and Consumers Energy are looking to lower power output to meet new emissions laws. With energy savings of this magnitude applied to pumps across the state, energy companies and their customers can realize megawatts  in savings.

Because of this direct benefit, we are working with energy companies to make the ALPHA and MAGNA pumps  proscriptive.  This means that when you buy one of these pumps, you will be reimbursed a good percentage of the cost without much paperwork.

This program has already been established in Minnesota. For every ALPHA pump you purchase, you’ll be reimbursed around $100. For every MAGNA pump you purchase, you’ll be reimbursed between $300 and $350. We are close to getting to this program running in Michigan and may see it as soon as early 2016.

Stay tuned and contact your Macomb Group representative for details and updates.

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