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logoSterling Heights, MI. The Macomb Group announced that on May 31st, branches in Jeffersonville and Evansville which were formerly operated by Lockwood International, joined the company. The transaction will provide access to attractive markets and many new customers in Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio and Tennessee.

Led by General Manager Glenn Hollenkamp, the 24-member team—many of whom have worked together for over 20 years—brings a wealth of expertise and relationships to The Macomb Group. “Our product offering and the types of customers we serve are an excellent fit with Macomb,” said Hollenkamp, “and we’re looking forward to rolling out new product lines and capabilities in the months ahead.”

“Establishing a greater presence along the attractive Ohio River corridor to complement our branches in Cincinnati and Carrollton, has been one of our long-time objectives,” said Bill McGivern, CEO of The Macomb Group, adding “when the opportunity presented itself, we assembled a multi-disciplinary team and moved quickly.”

Headquartered in Sterling Heights, MI, The Macomb Group now operates 18 branches in six states, which include Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina and Indiana, providing customers with access to over $35 million of inventory. The company was listed as the 11th largest distributor of pipe, valves and fittings according to the 2017 Supply House Times Premier 150 Rankings.

For more information, visit www.macombgroup.com or call the company at 888-756-4110.


Mark Calzolano
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