Number Nine in the country! (Supply House Times          The Macomb Group is thrilled and honored to be number nine for Industrial PVF in theSupply House Times Top 125 list of wholesale distributors for 2012. The list was released in May. The Macomb Group credits its superb customer service, large inventory, energy-efficient solutions, and ability to differentiate itself from its competitors for its growth and success during the economic downturn. Our diversity of products and services has helped us to grow through the lean times. The specialty products, such as our Hose Division, Valve Automation, Fire Fabrication, AWWA Products, and our MERIT Energy Initiative, help us to be solution provider and more of a “One Stop Shop” for our customers.

Supply House Times ranks wholesale distributors according to sales in the previous year, as reported by wholesalers. The survey was conducted by BNP Media Market Research.

According to the survey, 80 percent of the companies in the wholesale market reported an increase in sales, an improvement over 2011 results. Participants in the survey reported $43 billion in sales during the 2011 fiscal year. Confidence in the economy remains high with 90 percent of respondents expecting further gains in 2012. The pipe, valves, and fittings industry reported a $2 billion increase in sales to $14 billion in 2011.

The Macomb Group Builds on Foundation

The Macomb Group is strengthening its position in the pipe/valve/fitting (PVF) industry with the expansion of its Michigan-based corporate headquarters in Sterling Heights, renovating its Livonia, Mich., facility and opening new branches in Ohio and Kentucky.

“Bolstered by its reliance on core Midwestern values, The Macomb Group continues to deliver value to its customers in both products and service. Our size and critical mass allow us to compete against the national players, while our diversity of locations still maintains that necessary local presence,” says Keith Schatko, executive vice president.

The new metro-Detroit 363,000 sq. ft. central distribution center will consolidate space to service customer needs better. The strategic move consolidates three smaller facilities in Detroit to one larger building in Sterling Heights, Mich.

Celebrating its 35th anniversary this year, The Macomb Group is proud to be expanding facilities and developing new jobs. While many companies are fleeing Michigan due to economic turmoil, The Macomb Group is committed to being a part of its economic recovery. The Macomb Group is a significant employer, currently employing 110 permanent workers at its corporate headquarters, 187 in Michigan, and more than 260 throughout the company. Also, The Macomb Group intends to expand its employee base in the future.

Rather than constructing a new building, The Macomb Group has chosen to transform a buildingthat has been vacant for many years into an asset for the community. The Macomb Group is also renovating its Livonia, Mich., facility, further enhancing the Detroit area.

As part of its expanding presence in the Midwest PVF wholesale industry, The Macomb Group is securing new branch facilities in Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio, and is scheduled to open a Carrolton, Ky., branch this summer.

The Macomb Group services Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Indiana, and western Pennsylvania. The Macomb Group serves a vast array of industries including Mechanical Contractors, Food & Beverage, Energy, Chemical, Refining, Steel, OEMs, Hospitals, Schools, Government/Defense, and Fire Protection.

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