Tags: Cincinnati, SafeRack

A recent collaboration between The Macomb Group and its vendor SafeRack resulted in the completion of a new, safer truck loading platform for a Cincinnati, Ohio, chemical manufacturer.

According to Barry Hoehn, contract sales representative at The Macomb Group’s Cincinnati Branch Office, a nearby chemical company was searching for a new, safer truck loading system at its local manufacturing plant.

“They had a manual truck loading platform and needed a fall protection safety cage for the operator,” Hoehn recounted. “There was also the need to build more loading flexibility into the system.”

SafeRack, a Macomb Group vendor and international manufacturer of loading racks and access platforms, worked with Hoehn to design and build a customized loading platform, complete with all the safety features. The new rack includes a tracking mechanism to accommodate different loading positions, be it for a tanker or an ISO container truck.

The project, which took 10 months to complete, was a custom job because of space limitations and the need to build the system within the existing architecture, Hoehn explained.

“The customer and particularly the loading operators are extremely satisfied with the outcome,” said Hoehn. “It’s just another notable example of The Macomb Group, working hand-in-hand with our trusted vendors, to provide customized, effective solutions for customers.”