The Heating Season is here. Don’t get caught out in the cold. The Macomb Group has a full inventory of Lochinvar Knight (95% efficient) hot water heating boilers ranging from 50,000 BTU to 800,000 BTU. They won’t last long so get yours now!

We also have in stock Steam Traps, pressure reducing vavles, unit heaters, water heaters, pumps (Wilo), air separators, gas regulators, expansion tanks, Radiant, In Floor, Eternal tankless heaters, and MORE!
We can work with you to size your equipment to give you and your customer the most efficient product in the market today. Whether you have gas, steam or electric we can supply product for your toughest application. We have the latest in energy efficient products today that can save you money and possibly give you a tax incentive based on your energy provider and local tax codes.

Contact one our Heating Experts today for pricing or more information at 734.261.0700!