Macomb experts know that pipe systems aren’t just about carrying fluids and gases — they are a means of controlling and delivering a flow that meets the needs of multiple complex processes and operations.

Valves are the essential components that regulate that flow. If your valves aren’t reliable, have a short wear life, or fail unexpectedly, the resulting disruption, downtime, and repairs can cause your costs to skyrocket.

The Macomb Group knows that product quality and reliability is every bit as essential in valves as it is in the delivery infrastructure. That’s why Macomb teams with leading global design and manufacturing organization Parker Hannifin Corporation for solenoid valves and parts.

“We aim to deliver the highest quality valves for every application,” says Macomb inside sales manager Terry McGivern. “So we’ve partnered with Parker’s Controls Division. They’re one of the very few companies who manufacture in the U.S. for the North American market, so they have tight control and quality of materials in every valve. That’s somewhat unique these days.”

Critical role

Because they’re electronically controlled, solenoid valves play a critical role in applications that require frequent or fast operation, are part of automated processes, are in difficult-to-access locations, or are in challenging or hazardous environments.

The Parker product catalog is huge, and The Macomb Group stocks a wide variety of Parker products, including cartridge, exhaust, pilot, safety, spool, and pneumatic solenoid valves and accessories made from a range of fit-for-purpose materials.

Parker’s Territory Manager, Robert Kyes, explains: “Our solenoid valves are highly engineered. Bodies can be made of brass, aluminum, stainless steel, even plastic. We provide the material that enables easy integration with the pipe system and that’s the best choice for the application. Similarly, seals can be made from a range of materials like Teflon and neoprene.

“The key is that the seals and the body must be compatible with the media that flows through them. That can be anything from pure water to highly corrosive chemical media. The reliability of the product is critical and Parker has an outstanding reputation for quality,” says Robert. This array of products allows Parker to serve a wide range of industries, from power and automotive to food and beverage to laundry.

But that’s not all. Even with this huge variety available, customers may sometimes need a non-standard solution.

Key strength

“For instance, Macomb may have a customer with a special application that our standard catalog appliance or our competition can’t handle,” says Robert. “In that case, our engineers will design and engineer a valve that will handle that application. It’s a unique and key strength for us.”

It’s that kind of customer responsiveness and attention to detail that makes Macomb and Parker such a great partnership.

Terry notes, “We carry a good stock of bodies and coils to meet most voltage applications. Our reps are experts who can help you select the right valves for your needs, but we also have direct access to Parker’s experts for custom products.”

If you need better control of your fluid systems, start with better valves.

Find the best, most reliable valves for your application and reduce maintenance costs and downtime. Learn more by contacting The Macomb Group at or 888-756-4110.