Take a Streamlined Route to Better Service

It’s a new era of growth and customer service for The Macomb Group’s Heating Division.
Improved communication, processes standardization, advanced computer applications, and a proactive approach to competitive bidding are helping drive the Heating Division’s success.

Heating Division leader Dan Senia, who joined the group in January, says the move to a central office location at Sterling Heights has provided a great opportunity to build on the group’s already well-established performance and reputation.

He joins Heating Division veterans Kevin O’Neill and William Gunther, who have largely been responsible for getting the heating group to where it is today by developing the expertise to provide precision quotes for contractors bidding heating jobs.

Now the team is poised for further expansion.

“We’ve made a lot of changes to how we do business,” Dan says. “Working from a single location has improved communication and cross training and generally made things run more smoothly, but the real key for me is that we’ve changed from reactive to proactive quoting.”

In the past, the group would get a contractor request for, say, a boiler price for inclusion in a contract bid. That still happens, but now the team also actively contacts project bidders — before being asked — with more comprehensive and well-priced equipment option lists.

A simplified process 
This saves time and simplifies the whole bidding process for contractors, who get one vendor instead of many, a complete picture of the pricing schedule, and potentially lower overall costs.

Also this year, brothers Ian and Alan Thomas have joined the Heating Division to help with the expanding workload. They have accelerated the bidding process by implementing a software system for recording and reviewing jobs open for bidding.

“They have had many great ideas regarding a Heating Division filing system,” Dan says. “They’ve helped develop a filing system where we input quotes for everyone to access, with all the factory pricings, drawings, specifications, and supporting documentation.”

The information is available across all of The Macomb Group’s branches and can even be accessed remotely by The Macomb Group’s representatives who are meeting with contractors. Dan and his team have also standardized bidding forms so customers have a familiar format and can quickly find and evaluate relevant information.

Going a step further, the Sterling Heights operation will now be assisting all Ohio and Michigan branches in their quoting as well as seeking their input on new products and services.

“It’s helping us realize the vision of turning the group into a much more collaborative organization,” Dan says, “to better serve the needs of customers.”

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