When you think about warehouses, do you imagine that scene at the end of the movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark” — endless rows of anonymous boxes that seem to go on forever?

At The Macomb Group’s Sterling Heights corporate headquarters , our warehouse does make up a significant portion of our 400,000-square-foot facility. But that’s where the similarity to Indiana Jones ends! Every part of our open, well organized facility is designed around one purpose: ensuring the best, most efficient service possible for our customers.


Constantly evolving to meet customers’ needs

A proud, longtime member of the Detroit community, The Macomb Group expanded this centralized distribution center in December 2011. Since then, it has quickly become what Jeff Fouchia, Chief Information Officer, calls “the lifeblood of the company,” where numerous essential business tasks take place.

A quarter of the facility — 100,000 square feet — is taken up by our corporate offices, where we handle sales tasks, corporate purchasing, and back-office support. Our HQ also houses our IT operations, including support of a data center that acts as backup to our main data center, which is co-located at a separate secure facility. The other 300,000 square feet of the center is warehouse space!

Our warehouse staff are highly trained experts, with deep knowledge not just of the parts and materials we have in stock, but the applications in which those parts are used. Our fabrication teams work directly from your materials lists and are expert in threading, grooving, and cutting to create custom, finished solutions.

From oil and gas to food production to manufacturing to chemical processing, our team knows the right pipe, valves, and fittings for your needs.



Included in the warehouse area is the Hose Division , where hose experts, welders, and fabricators work with thousands of different hoses to create innovative solutions for any fluid, steam, or air-handling application.

Next is the Fire Fabrication Division , where knowledgeable fire protection specialists use agile manufacturing technology to provide turnkey fabricated systems custom-built from customers’ engineered drawings.

More reasons to visit: Insulation and the Petting Zoo

The warehouse is also home to the insulation experts of R.L. Bondy , a group that is expanding to offer painting and sand blasting services. The new services, due to be added later this year, will also be housed in Sterling Heights.

Finally, the area where everyone has fun is the Petting Zoo. This attraction is a 30-foot-long line of connected Macomb products where we invite visitors to play, tinker, and try out an array of pipeline fixtures and options. The Petting Zoo features an Interactive Product Information Center (IPIC) — a touch screen computer interface that allows users to drill down and learn more about all the components in the Zoo.

Ready to grow with you

And that’s just the beginning! New products and services are just around the corner for the Macomb Group. We are currently designing our highly anticipated Sterling Heights Training Center. Aimed at building our connection with the local engineering community, contractors, and our own employees, the Sterling Heights Training Center will provide focused education on steam, boilers, and radiant heat systems.

Keep an eye out for more information about this exciting project and all our latest developments in upcoming issues of The Macomb Pipeline .