The Macomb Group has a successful, long-standing industry partnership with Spirax Sarco, the global leader in steam system products, engineering, and management, offering the most extensive range of products and services for commercial and industrial steam applications.

Besides representing the entire line of Spirax Sarco products, The Macomb Group offers commercial and industrial customers a wide variety of steam system solutions, from supplying individual components, to providing entire steam technology systems.

According to Arron Marshall, West Michigan regional sales manager, The Macomb Group works with Spirax Sarco engineers to provide on-site technical assistance to help businesses that use steam cut emissions, overall costs. energy waste and water use, as well as boost productivity and reliability, drive operational reliability and lower overall costs.

Spriax Sarco reduces waste after steam audit

For example, Marshall and a team of Spirax Sarco engineers performed a steam audit following a successful application of Spirax Sarco products into a complete system at a dairy processing plant in Michigan. “We follow the piping system from the boiler and all throughout the plant to make sure that every component is piped correctly and functioning properly, looking for any signs of waste,” Marshall said.

At the dairy plant, The Macomb Group coordinated installation of a Spirax Sarco heat exchanger to control condensation, which resulted in significant energy savings and a six-month payback on the equipment expenses. In addition, a steam trap audit uncovered improvement opportunities, which provided additional energy efficiencies.

And at a major food company’s soup-making operation, The Macomb Group and Spirax Sarco deployed one of the company’s newest products, the EasiHeat DHW heat exchanger. Incorporating S.I.M.S (Spirax Intelligent Monitoring System) technology.

EasiHeat is a complete, compact and energy efficient heat transfer solution that will deliver a constant supply of hot water at a stable temperature on demand – even with sudden wide load changes – for a full range of domestic and process hot water applications up to 4 million BTU’s.

This makes it ideal for heating potable water in any commercial public building and institutions, including hospitals, schools and colleges, as well as any process application that requires hot water as part of the manufacturing process.

A 7” touch screen provides complete visual access to data detailing how and where energy is consumed, leading to more informed energy management decisions and increased efficiency.

“The EasiHeat is our number-one selling Spirax Sarco product,” Marshall said. ‘At this plant, it’s used to provide hot water for the soup preparation process and is also used to sanitize the production system.”

Steam can heat or sterilize almost any industrial process. That is why it is often the first choice in so many applications around the world. From food producing to oil refining, beer making, and drug manufacturing companies, steam is well known for delivering safe, sustainable and efficient energy. Whether you need off-the-shelf or custom solutions for your steam application, The Macomb Group and Spirax Sarco will help you find the right solution to fit your company’s needs.

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