When Macomb sales rep Roger Neal learned about the expansion of a major manufacturing facility, requiring vast quantities of piping and other materials, he knew it was a job the company could handle — even though it was a huge logistical challenge across two state lines.

The job involves supplying thousands of pieces, in a steady and tightly-controlled stream, between Macomb’s Cincinnati warehouse to the project site in Tennessee.

Macomb is known for its extensive inventory and purchasing power across the regions the company serves. And we’re known for getting the right materials delivered, right on time, exactly where contractors need them.

These qualities proved absolutely crucial for this task. Its scope, duration, and scale called for an organizational mastermind to take ownership of the time-critical and finely-tuned day-to-day supply to the manufacturer’s plant.

That’s when Macomb’s warehouse employee Tyler ‘TJ’ Stratman stepped up to the plate. With more than 10 years of experience, he has deep knowledge of all the parts and material we handle — and a sound grip on the logistics underpinning this type of job.

Internally at Macomb, a whole process unwinds to make it work.

  • The rep — in this case Roger Neal — goes to the facility, assesses the job and puts it through to our quotation office.
  • Steve Dixon in the quotations department gets to work on building a competitive quote both for the parts and the delivery process.
  • When the bid is accepted, it goes to Brandon Perilli and Kevin Littleson in the purchasing department to secure all required materials — top quality at the best possible price.
  • Internal regional sales manager Scott Henegar writes the order, with TJ taking up frontline position for implementation.

Like a military operation

If that sounds like a military operation it’s because the process has the same high degree of precision, planning, and timing.

TJ had taken the initiative to personally oversee the logistics because, as he says: “There was a danger too many people would be working on it, too many hands touching it, so I stepped in and decided to pull the order myself — all the pieces for each day’s shipment. I keep in touch with Scott, keep in touch with the contract project manager, and organize the transportation — we go down there every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.”

It’s the constant communication aspect that has enabled the job to proceed smoothly. There wouldn’t be anything like enough space to store all the materials on the project site, so they’re held at the Macomb warehouse and back-up lot, and then called for as needed.

In addition to the thrice-weekly trucking, which TJ schedules after talking to the project manager, Macomb responds to urgent needs with an overnighting service.

TJ personally checks each order, ensures everything is loaded and goes on one schedule, either on semis or pickup trucks.

“They like the delivery schedule we’ve got going,” he says, “and everything is going pretty smoothly so far. We haven’t had any trouble supplying what they need when they need it.”

First class team

Of course, TJ might look like the hero of this operation but he’d actually be the last person to claim credit. He relies on the first-class team for which Macomb is renowned, to communicate effectively and ensure everything works.

“We’re all part of a big team where we back each other up and touch base regularly,” he adds. “It shows how effectively we can take on big orders like this.”

Although the project is unusually large, it’s just one of several big jobs running simultaneously. And it’s not unusual in any other way, in terms of planning, meeting customers’ needs and deadlines, and standing by to make course corrections when the unexpected appears.

While others may have struggled to plan and manage the logistics and detailed inventory requirements of this project across two states, we took it in stride.

Regardless of project size, our customers know from experience that Macomb can handle it because of our experience, individual commitment to excellent service, and the team spirit that makes them work together.

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