Just Remember One Word

The Macomb Group has a simple acronym to help contractors remember the information they need to provide when ordering a custom hose assembly:STAMPED.

  • Size — What size will be needed?
  • Temperature — Will there be hot or cold flow?
  • Application — What is the use?
  • Media — What materials will flow through the hose?
  • Pressure — How much pressure will flow through?
  • Ends — What coupling hardware is required?
  • Delivery — How will flow be delivered to its destination?

The Macomb Group offers hose styles for any application. We service the food and beverage, water, reinforced air, and petroleum industries. We also offer couplings, fittings, and adapters to connect hoses. We carry a wide variety of hose materials, from industrial rubber hose to thermal plastic hose.

The Macomb Group is your one-stop-shop for all your hose and fitting needs. In addition to parts, we offer custom fabrication services and pinpoint delivery. Just tell us what you need!

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