As I ponder the outlook for 2015, and how we can continue to build the Macomb success story, I’m reminded of a quote from John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address:

“In your hands, my fellow citizens, more than mine, will rest the final success or failure of our course.”

We’re looking forward to a very exciting year at The Macomb Group in 2015. And the fact is, we are confident about this year because we are confident in our people!

Coming from a place of strength

We entered 2014 in what felt like a mini ice age, with record snow, ice, and temperatures often falling as low as 40-degrees below zero. Early in the year, we had 18 separate days when our business stood still.

But once the thaw set in, we really began to get back on track, going at a record pace to keep up with our customers’ needs month after month, and finishing 2014 with another record month.

This has teed us up for an exciting 2015. We see a tremendous amount of work in the pipeline (Excuse the pun!) and very positive signs for a general healing of our economy.

Major projects

This year, we are watching major projects in our area with pride and high expectations. We look forward to supporting contractors working on a brand-new hockey rink in Detroit, an installation I’ll call for simplicity an “atom smasher” at Michigan State University, and an additional bridge to Canada over the Detroit River.

Projects such as the Detroit River bridge will give us a huge opportunity to provide the high quality steel and pipe supplies contractors will need. It is, of course, a government-sponsored project, underlining our continued interest and involvement in services to government agencies through our GSA contract .

We are also glad to be part of the recovery and expansion of private industry, including the oil and gas industry, which we are now serving through our  West Penn location in Pennsylvania . Even though oil prices are currently low, those organizations are prepared to serve customers into the future, and we’re prepared to serve them.

I think one of the most exciting upswings we’re seeing is the continuing healing of our auto-based economy here in the Midwest, specifically in Detroit. We’re glad to be part of the local recovery and proudly support the contractors who are strengthening our local communities.

Looking up for the long term

The long-term outlook for Macomb and our customers remains extremely positive. The company is firing on all cylinders and we continue to be opportunistically acquisitive, seeking strategic opportunities to further expand. Even now, we have some prospects in our pipeline that should continue to help us provide better service to our growing customer base.

In 2015, The Macomb Group expects to grow 10 to 15%. Can we do it? As I said at the outset, it’s our people who make this happen. We depend on them and are greatly appreciative of what they do to make Macomb the successful company it is today.

And what does this mean to our customers? As we grow and thrive, we’re always looking for better ways to serve you. And just as we rely on our people to ensure the health of OUR company, you can rely on them for the health of YOUR company.

You can be assured that your projects are in good hands!

Whatever your project is, Macomb will help you get it done on time, on budget. Contact the experts at The Macomb Group by email at or by phone at 888-756-4110. For a complete list of Macomb Group Locations and Numbers, visit our website.