In 1977, The Macomb Group operated a pipe supply business out of a single facility. Today, we are a Top 10 Industrial Pipe, Valve, and Fitting (PVF) supplier with 15 stocking locations, and a 375,000 square-foot corporate headquarters that sits on 26 acres with a rail line. When Bill McGivern, Keith Schatko, and Doug Howe bought the company in 1991, our revenue was $1 million. Today, yearly sales are nearly $150 million. Many of our vendors wonder, “How has The Macomb Group continued to grow while the others have failed or reduced their size?”

One of the main things we point to is our people. In 1991, Bill, Keith, and Doug had a plan: They wanted The Macomb Group to be known for its superior customer service. With that as a starting point, everything else fell into place.

Bringing in the best and brightest
Today, The Macomb Group is a wonderful melting pot of industrial PVF talent, and many of our experts have come to us from previous leaders in the industry. Through the years, The Macomb Group has acquired markets and talented employees from one-time industrial supply giants such as MIPSCO, WT Andrew, Coon-DeVisser, US Flow/Bertsch Company, Harrison Supply, and Hardy Disinger.

We employ the cream of the crop; our experts have grown up in this industry and have paid their dues time and time again. Many have expanded their talents with The Macomb Group and are now Sales Managers, Branch Managers, Regional Managers, Warehouse Managers, or Specialty Division Leaders. We have people with more than 40 years’ experience — in fact, we have a combined average of 25 years of experience in our inside/outside sales teams alone. All of our employees help to make The Macomb Group the best PVF supplier in the industry.

Putting talent to work for customers — any job, any time
Our operational growth also means that we have grown the products and services we offer to our customers. The continued commitment to “superior customer service” has served the company well, and current customers come to The Macomb Group because we have the knowledge to help them with their projects.

Whether customers come to us for pressure and temperature information for pipe, valves, fittings, or they need help sizing a hose assembly or automated valve package, The Macomb Group’s sales team can help. Our specialty divisions help with anything relating to fire fabrication piping; AWWA pipe and fittings; metal and rubber hose assemblies; petroleum piping products; and automated valve packages and instrumentation products. (An extensive list of our products and services can be seen here.)

Our commitment to service extends to after regular business hours; our employees are ready to take care of customers for after-hours emergencies and product support. The emergency service portion of our business has grown from 1-2 times a month to almost 2-3 times on a weekend and sometimes more.

Regardless of when our customers need us, The Macomb Group will respond to their calls. We receive emergency calls on holidays and weekends, when the customer can’t find anyone else to answer the phone. Even if the call is about a product we don’t have, The Macomb Group can usually find a way to help. We simply do everything we can to get a customer’s plant up and running in the least amount of time.

With the experience, people, and service The Macomb Group provides, there is no question as to why we have grown. Now, we must use our knowledge to train the next generation of sales people to ensure our company can continue to evolve for the customers that will need industrial PVF products in the future.

The Macomb Group is proud to offer our customers quality products and top-notch service. Contact us by email at or by phone at 888-756-4110.