Pipe is pipe is pipe, right? Oh, so wrong!

Every industry has different requirements, different application challenges, and different compliance rules to adhere to.

But they have at least one thing in common: the critical need for direct, ready access to the pipe, valves, and fittings they need, when they need them. And the companies that serve them with material supplies are often put to the test — and sometimes found lacking.

Not so with The Macomb Group, a company known for extensive inventory, enabling quick turnaround of orders and precise delivery of materials on time, anywhere.

Up to speed for oil and gas producers

The oil and gas industry is a powerful case in point. It’s a specialist field Macomb entered only recently, and immediately set about securing the inventory the industry needs.

“When we began working with oil and gas companies about 3 years ago, we already had a lot of products in our existing inventory that the oil and gas industry uses — probably accounting for 50% of project needs,” explains Dennis Roberts, General Manager Northeast Operations for Macomb.

To identify and stock the other 50%, Macomb undertook an in-depth analysis of the industry’s needs, then committed millions of dollars to building comprehensive inventory.

“There are so many different pipe diameters, sizes, thicknesses, and grades, you really have to be extremely analytical about your approach to supporting this industry,” Dennis adds. “That’s what separates Macomb from the rest — we go in and look with a fresh perspective at everything.”

More than just inventory

But inventory isn’t the end with Macomb. Being a true one-stop solution for oil and gas industry customers means total support that includes:

  • Ready documentation — Macomb delivers mill test reports (MTRs) with the products it supplies to enable material traceability.In addition, we cross-check all products to ensure they are on our customers’ Approved Manufacturer Lists (AMLs) before we provide the product. We provide confirmation of that qualification with delivery of the parts.
  • Specialty divisions — Beyond piping, Macomb’s specialists provide hose, valve actuations, underground services, fire suppression systems, heating and cooling solutions, insulation, and more — and all our divisions can specify, custom create, and deliver to clients’ needs.
  • Highly trained and expert employees — Our personnel don’t just match skus. They are knowledgeable about every product and its uses – and will be there to help with selection, decision-making, troubleshooting, and to walk you through processes.

“Our Akron, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh operations are all completely set up to support oil and gas producers, and they all have roughly the same amount of size and capacity,” says Dennis. “But we really look at ourselves as one team, not individual branches. One team focused on servicing that oil and gas segment.”

The scope of Macomb’s commitment shows that a company that is ready with materials and able to support your entire project is more than a supplier. They’re a true partner.

A prepared, experienced supplier can help with even your largest and most complex projects. Contact us by email at droberts@macombgroup.com or by phone at 888-756-4110. For a complete list of Macomb Group locations and numbers, visit our website.