The Macomb Group is proud to now offer Aquatherm, a revolution in PP-R pipe technology. Proven to be long-lasting, this advanced pipe is leak- and corrosion-free and made from sustainable materials. Easy to install, Aquatherm pipe has already saved builders hundreds of thousands of dollars. Read on to see how our Aquatherm pipe can help you do the same for your application.


There are many benefits to Aquatherm, including:

  • Long-lasting: Since Aquatherm pipe won’t crack, corrode, scale, or otherwise wear out, it has a 60-year life expectancy.
  • Extremely durable: When used in water systems, Aquatherm pipe won’t burst when water freezes. It’s also naturally insulated for heat and sound.
  • Chemically stable: Aquatherm pipe is chemically pure and won’t react with other chemicals, so it is ideal for heating and cooling as well as potable water applications.
  • Environmentally friendly: Aquatherm pipe is made from non-toxic materials and requires less energy than other pipe materials. Designed to last the lifetime of the building, it is also recyclable once removed.
  • Easy to install: Weighing up to 80% less than comparable pipe, Aquatherm pipe is easier to carry and install. This greatly reduces installation time, costs, and risk of work injury. Aquatherm pipe also uses heat-fused connections, for stronger, more reliable pipe that won’t crack or leak during or after installation.

Common Aquatherm applications:

  • Heating and cooling systems: The natural insulation, heat stabilization, and corrosion-free properties of Aquatherm pipe make it ideal for these systems. Consistently outperforming conventional pipe as well as other types of plastic pipe, Aquatherm is CSA approved and meets both UMC and IMC code requirements.
  • Potable water systems: The Macomb Group offers Aquatherm Green Pipe, which is made without toxic chemicals or heavy metals. Proven safe for both potable and non-potable water systems, Aquatherm Green Pipe won’t leach even trace amounts of chemicals into the water, unlike other pipe materials.
  • Compressed air systems: For low- and high-pressure systems, Aquatherm piping has several advantages over other piping systems, including less expensive installation costs and easier maintenance.
  • Industrial piping systems: Aquatherm is a versatile pipe that can be used for many commercial and industrial applications, including utility services like glycol and reverse osmosis water systems.

Success story: A Local Lansing Hospital Project

When a local hospital in Lansing, Michigan, wanted to upgrade their steam sterilization system (for sterilizing medical equipment), they realized that their original piping for reverse osmosis water was much more comprehensive than what was needed. Their lead contractor contacted The Macomb Group to see what we could recommend as a replacement. After working in tandem with the hospital’s contractors to evaluate water purity, we suggested using the Aquatherm Green SDR 11 pipe, which is made of non-toxic materials that is safe for water systems. The result? The hospital saved $200,000 on pipe costs!

No matter the application, we at The Macomb Group have a pipe for it! This includes our newest product addition and the latest in pipe technology, Aquatherm PP-R. High in performance, low in installation and maintenance costs, and unmatched in longevity, Aquatherm pipe is currently being used for residential, commercial, and industrial applications in over 70 countries.

Contact us to find out which Aquatherm pipe will work best for your application. Call the professionals at The Macomb Group at 586-274-4100 for expert assistance. Check out the many other solutions they offer via The Macomb Group eCommerce site!