Check with Macomb Group for all your Stainless Steel Pipe and Fitting Needs. We have 304 and 316 Stainless Steel Pipe, Fittings and Flanges. We carry SCH10, SCH40 and SCH80 Pipe walls from ¼” up to 10” and we have both Weld End Stainless Steel Fittings and Socket Weld Stainless Steel Fittings to help you on your next project. Stainless steel pipe is popular due to its corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, resistance to high temperature, and low maintenance costs.  We have both ASTM A312 and A778 paper mill grade stainless steel piping from:

  • Bristol Metals Lp
  • Felker Piping Products
  • Rath Gibson

We stock 304 or 316 stainless steel fittings in threaded, weld or socket weld. We can also find the higher alloys such as Hastelloy and Alloy 20. We also have stainless steel type A and type C stub ends when a rotating flange is needed. We stock various sizes of threaded, MSS, socket and weld neck flanges to mate up to an existing valve or to add a spool for a new application.

We carry stainless steel fittings from:

  • Alloy Stainless Products
  • Core Pipe
  • Felker Piping Products
  • Ideal Fittings
  • Kerkau Manufacturing
  • Maass Flange Corporation
  • Quality Pipe Products
  • Taylor Forge Stainless


Another set of products we carry for stainless steel piping is the Victaulic Vic-Press for both 304 and 316 applications.  Vic-Press provides a fast, easy, clean and reliable means for joining 2″/15 – 50mm standard ASTM A-312 Schedule 10S stainless steel pipe. The Vic-Press for Schedule 10S system requires no flame or arc as with welding, and no cutting oil, chips or preparation time as with threading or flanging. Off-the-shelf Type 304/316 ASTM A-312 Schedule 10S stainless steel pipe is cut to length, inserted into the coupling/fitting and the fitting is pressed onto the pipe in seconds.

Contact the Macomb Group for your next stainless steel piping project; we also have Food Grade and Outside Diameter (OD) stainless steel tubing available.