Knowledge is power — in any project, it’s critical to know not just what components you need, but what exact materials and solutions are going to be right for YOUR application.

“Anybody in the world can simply sell an industrial hose product,” says Jonathan Poponak. “It’s different for someone to step back, identify the actual need, and create an engineered solution that’s going to help a particular user achieve their need, whether it be reduction of downtime, higher capacities, or a different approach to improve the overall process.”

As a member of what is now the largest engineered products company in the world — Continental ContiTech — he should know.

In February this year, Macomb became a distributor for Continental ContiTech, which had just completed acquisition of a successful and flourishing company called Veyance Technologies Inc., the exclusive manufacturer of Goodyear Engineered Products.

Veyance Technologies Inc. has a long history of engineering and creative excellence, and the distribution deal greatly expands Macomb’s access to a wide array of products. These range from all types of industrial hose through engineered products like heavy and lightweight conveyor belts, to one-off custom solutions.

It’s a growing range too, giving rise to Continental ContiTech’s to-the-point marketing slogan: More is Here.

36 new products

“We’ve had 36 new products in the last three years, just specific to industrial hose” says Jonathan, “and we’re continuing to identify new needs in the market where we can develop new products.”

It’s this approach that underpins the firm’s commitment to finding solutions rather than simply selling products. If a solution involves a product that’s not already in the inventory, the company will work with Macomb to develop a custom product that fits the need.

The relationship between the two companies involves intense training in the Continental product range, including applications, materials, and stress-bearing features, as well as end-user feedback from Macomb.

“It’s a two-way street,” says Jonathan. “These days, so much of this business is quotation based — pricing a product and sending it out. That’s not what we do. We sell the highest quality product in the market and we want users to know and understand how it meets and solves their needs.”

The process means that no matter who you work with at Macomb, they’ll know the industrial hose you need — and be able to explain why it’s the right choice.

Macomb and Continental ContiTech have very similar philosophies about education and customer service, so the new association between the two is a natural fit.

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