Most customers know The Macomb Group as a trusted supplier to mechanical contractors and the commercial construction industry, but did you know we’re a major player in the food and beverage industry as well?

We visited recently with Arron Marshall, West Michigan regional sales manager, to learn how The Macomb Group’s products serve the companies that provide many of the foods and beverages that we enjoy.

The company’s long connection to food and beverage production spans at least 30 years, according to Marshall.

“Beyond PVF products, we supply steam controls, pumps, steam to hot water heat exchangers, as well as Clean in Place (CIP) equipment that uses hot water combined with high pressure to sanitize the production piping and equipment,” he said.

The types of piping materials used in food and beverage plants vary according to application.

“In non-production areas, you would see less expensive carbon-based materials, but on a production line where food safety is paramount, you rely on materials that are easily cleanable and alloys that are chemical resistant,” Marshall explained.

One good example is a West Michigan factory that makes pickles for a major food brand. This company employs The Macomb Group’s acid-resistant piping due to the expansive use of vinegar in the pickling process.

The Macomb Group’s food and beverage clients include a major West Michigan frozen food processor which makes more than 800 products for well-known brands, food service distributors, and supermarket private labels.

In addition, Macomb Group products can be found at breweries, dairy processors, and infant formula manufacturers.

What attracts such a diverse variety of food and beverage producers to The Macomb Group?

“I believe it’s our expert industry knowledge, our long history of working in this segment, and having the right products that keep the plants running in a safe, hygienic manner,” said Marshall.

Every industry, such as food and beverage, has their own set of unique requirements, and that is where The Macomb Group excels. The Macomb Group has a team of knowledgeable, experienced professionals that understand these industries and can determine the best approach to deliver effective, cost-efficient results as quickly as possible.