The Macomb Group Valve Automation Division is your partner in automated valve products. As a premier valve distributor, the Valve Automation Division boasts a large inventory of valves, actuators, brackets, and accessories to provide customers with the superior service and solutions they expect from The Macomb Group.

Scott Henegar

Scott Henegar

Scott Henegar, Valve Automation Division director, has been with Macomb for nearly 15 years. He leads the Valve Automation team in providing complete in-house assembly and calibration testing for every automated valve assembly as well as finding off-the-shelf and custom solutions suited to fit any application — all while maintaining fast turnaround assembly solutions Macomb Group customers have come to rely on.

“We’re a specialty division within The Macomb Group as a whole; we specialize in automated valve products,” Henegar explained. “Pneumatically actuated or electrically actuated valve products fall into our bucket.”

“We represent industry-leading manufacturers for General Industrial On/Off, Modulating, Pneumatic, and Electric flow control applications. We stock complementing valve, actuator, bracket, and top works lines in each of our four assembly sites with industry recognized brands such as Velan, Apollo, Bonomi, ABZ Valve, Air Torque, Bettis, Westlock, and many others,” Henegar added.

In addition, the group provides a control valve offering that features Spirax Sarco Globe Control valves and actuators ranging from simple self-acting controls to two- and three-way pneumatic and electric assemblies for highly sophisticated control loops.

They supply manually operated mechanical solutions for specialty arrangements where there is a safety issue or need for valves that require specific operating methods. The division also now offers a small subset of instrumentation tools for activities such as cover level, flow, and temperature measurements.

But that’s not all that’s new in the Valve Automation Division. Henegar is very excited to announce they now offer Emerson EIM Electric Actuators as part of their electric motor actuation platform. Emerson EIM is a premier line of intrusive and non-intrusive electric motor actuators.

“It is a recent line for us, a significant addition,” Henegar said.

With this line, Valve Automation Division experts can provide Macomb Group customers in the power and municipal markets with better solutions.

“EIM will be a particular focus for us in 2018,” Henegar added. “We’ll be developing complementary product lines around our actuator offerings to specifically service municipal power markets.”

Henegar is proud of the growth of the division.

“We’ve got some very experienced, capable people who are immersed in the engineering and products that we represent in the Valve Automation Division,” he explained. “They provide that extra level of support.”

Everyone works together to find the best solutions — be it off-the-shelf or custom — for customers. In addition to constantly expanding product lines, the Division is also constantly working hard to find the right people and train them to be assets to both their internal and external customers.

“We have some of the most experienced people in the industry,” Henegar added. “It’s fun to be part of growth.”

Henegar and fellow Valve Automation Division experts at The Macomb Group pride themselves on providing customers with the best service and products on the market.

“Many companies specialize in one thing,” Henegar explained. “Macomb really has a very broad scope, but that doesn’t mean we do it in a shallow way. We have a large scope of products and the expertise in each one of those individual disciplines to bring value to our customers. The scope of products, coupled with the depth of experience, technical support, and knowledge we bring to our customers is a great deal of value.”

Henegar and his team will continue providing service and solutions to customers, hoping they’ll consider The Macomb Group synonymous with the best in pipe, valves, fittings, and valve automation solutions!

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