The Macomb Group works only with the best, which is why we decided to join forces with R.L. Bondy in 2013. Now with the two companies coming together, customers can enjoy the benefits of having their heating and cooling system projects completed by a single entity from start to finish.

The Macomb Group installs the system and R.L. Bondy designs, supplies, and installs the mechanical insulation. Customers will enjoy a streamlined experience, exceptional customer service, and peace of mind knowing they are working with a team of experts with over 140 years of experience.

R.L. Bondy brings significant benefits to customers

With over 200 skilled tradespeople at six locations throughout the Midwest, we challenge you to bring us a mechanical insulation project that we are not able to complete. Our extensive experience and knowledge allow us to meet your pricing, scheduling, and performance needs. We love a good challenge, exact specifications, and tight deadlines! The many benefits of working with us include:

  • We treat every project as a custom job — Even if your project comes with pre-determined specifications, we are ready to do an evaluation for safety, efficiency, and value.
  • We provide alternative solutions — Seldom is there only one way to get a job done. We can provide you with alternative solutions and advise you on the best course of action depending on your needs and goals.
  • We are hands-on — We work directly with you and anyone involved in the project. Our personal touch and dedication are part of the reason we stay ranked as one of the best in our industry.
  • We ensure just-in-time delivery — Our impressive warehousing and transportation capabilities mean you get what you need when you need it.
  • We offer research and design — We have expert teams ready to help with preliminary designs, project management, and everything in between.
  • We have a top-notch fabrication shop — Our experts produce custom-fit insulation systems while maintaining complete control over quality and scheduling. There is no project we can’t complete.

In addition to these benefits, we bring extensive experience in completing projects of all sizes throughout the country in multiple industries. We have worked in commercial, industrial, and food service — providing a unique combination of skill and knowledge to those in need of heating and cooling systems.

Customer service

We are well-versed in assisting clients in reducing energy and operating expenses, meeting strict regulatory standards, and working in unique environments. For example:

  • We have completed numerous projects with minimal life cycle costs and reduced operating expenses for schools, office centers, health care facilities, stadiums, casinos, and many other commercial facilities.
  • When it comes to the industrial sector, our experience is second to none. Underground utilities, chemical facilities, assembly plants, steel producers, and power companies are among our satisfied customers.
  • Public safety and health are critical components of the food service industry, including their HVAC systems and insulation. We have worked in food processing facilities, dairy product handling, cold storage, kitchen exhaust fire-related systems, flash freezers, and more.

Don’t take any chances with your next HVAC project. Work with the best to ensure that your needs are met while putting safety, precision, and cost first — along with exceptional customer service and unparalleled industry expertise. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

Call the experts at The Macomb Group at 586-274-4100 for expert assistance. Check out the many other solutions they offer via The Macomb Group eCommerce site!