The Macomb Group’s sales team recently took an extra step towards building strong relationships with their suppliers, while also gaining valuable product knowledge, when they made a visit to the NIBCO, Inc.’s manufacturing plant and distribution center in Blytheville, Arkansas.

Derek Robinson, Macomb’s Tennessee regional sales manager, was joined on the visit by Gregory “Tiny” Schrum, branch manager in Clarksville, Tennessee, Roger Neal, sales representative at Clarksville, and Gary Tedesco, corporate strategic planner with the Indianapolis sales team.

The NIBCO Blytheville plant produces a wide variety of cast and ductile iron and steel valves, and is part of an American-based, family-owned business established in 1904.

The Macomb Group has a longstanding relationship with NIBCO, and the visit continued to build benefits for both parties, according to Robinson.

“It was good to see where the products are produced, and to gain a better understanding of the entire manufacturing process,” he explained, adding one highlight of the visit was a tour of the plant’s foundry operations. “NIBCO is an American company (based in Elkhart, Indiana) but there are not a lot of American foundries left.”

The visit also presented a team-building benefit for The Macomb Group and NIBCO.

“The four of us were able to get out of the office, in a more relaxed environment, to build our product knowledge, and to further strengthen the relationship between the local NIBCO team and our local sales team,” Robinson added.

“When opportunities come up, we have a better understanding of who to call, having direct contacts at the plant in the event of a parts issue. We can readily identify the manufacturing location, plant serial number, and the specific date of manufacture.”

The strong relationship also opens the door for increased business for both NIBCO and The Macomb Group, with the prospect of also allowing future visits to the plant by prospective customers who will be able to see the manufacturing process, quality control measures, and make a more intelligent purchasing decision.

“This way,” Robinson noted, “the customer gets to compare against the competition, and learn about the products as well.”

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