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HVAC technicians often brave extremely uncomfortable conditions in the summertime, if not throughout the year. In recognition of these talented professionals, the industry has designated Tuesday, June 22 as National HVAC Tech Day.

At The Macomb Group, the company’s Heating Division works with HVAC contractors and technicians across the Midwest and Southeast to provide a wide array of commercial and industrial heating components and services for a broad variety of applications.

According to Heating Division Manager Ian Thomas, the state of the business has been steady over the last year despite economic fallout related to the pandemic.

“Our business and basic product lines have remained strong performers,” he says, “and we’ve stayed true to our most popular products – pumps, boilers, in-core heating – products of that nature.”

From left: Amtrol (expansion tanks), Caleffi (air and dirt separator) Grundfos (Magna 3 pump), Lochinvar (Crest Boiler).

One trend that Thomas has observed over the past several years has been a move to more energy-efficient heating products among industrial and commercial users. Utility companies, by offering various purchase and rate reduction incentives across many different distribution channels, have helped in improving energy efficiencies.

In addition, component manufacturers are turning out more cost-effective products as technology continues to evolve.

Macomb Group Heating Division experts consult extensively with customers through a process which helps them choose and purchase exactly what a project requires, saving time and money. To learn more call Ian Thomas at 586.825.6931, or visit https://www.macombgroup.com/heating-division

Let’s take time on June 22 to honor all of those dedicated HVAC technicians who help keep our systems humming.

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