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Aiding in the prevention of potential property loss from a fire is a major part of what The Macomb Group’s Fire & Fabrication Division does on a daily basis. The Fire & Fab Division provides a wide-ranging mix of products from leading manufacturers as well as fabricated piping to licensed fire protection engineers and contractors.

In addition to the vast inventory of fire protection products available through its warehouse locations, the division offers system fabrication services from its Sterling Heights and Grand Rapids, Michigan as well as Akron, Ohio locations. We fabricate piping for the contractor based on a given design for each project, thereby saving them time and money.

According to Division Manager Jason Mouat, The Macomb Group’s Fire and Fabrication Division has completed a growing number of major projects, most notably at national brand big box stores, and at several automotive assembly plants undergoing new construction and retrofitting.

“We are working on a lot of different projects right now for a number of diverse clients,” said Mouat, noting that the division offers fire protection engineers and contractors with more than 60 years of experience in providing components, fabrication services, and customer responsiveness.

Mouat added, “I think the number and size of the projects that we are involved in speaks for itself as to how much our customers trust and respect us for the quality work that we’re providing in this most critical area of fire safety.”

To learn more about how The Macomb Group can serve your fire protection needs, please visit www.macombgroup.com/fire-protection.

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