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Truck to Ground – Anywhere in Town

Customers of The Macomb Group who order large, heavy products can rest assured their deliveries will arrive in a safe and efficient manner, thanks to the company’s fleet of specially designed boom lift trucks, which are in operation at multiple locations throughout the company.

These unique vehicles, mounted with articulating knuckle boom cranes, are used to handle, deliver, and pick up a large variety of loads, according to Greg Gress, the assistant warehouse manager at Macomb’s Sterling Heights, Mich. location.

“With proper safety precautions and preparation, just about anything that can be fitted into the truck bed can be handled and unloaded,” says Gress. “This includes pipe, pallets, crates, boilers, water heaters and expansion tanks.”

The trucks themselves have an 18,000 lb. load capacity while the booms have a maximum load capacity of 5,400 lbs. and 1,100 lbs. with the boom arm fully extended.

Gress explains that the boom lift trucks are typically used for onsite pick-ups or deliveries when other equipment is unavailable or tied up on other construction projects. They are important in handling products to be delivered that are simply too heavy and bulky for safe manual offloading.

“Versatility is the main advantage of our boom truck fleet,” adds Gress. “Their use greatly reduces delivery time at job sites with fast and easy setup. “They are also capable of performing a wide variety of safe and efficient tasks.”

To ensure the safety of drivers, operators, and customers, all operators of mobile crane vehicles must meet OSHA certification requirements.

Gress emphasizes the importance of close coordination of deliveries requiring transport via a boom truck. Macomb Group dispatchers set out to verify that the lift in question is possible, considering the cargo load, and if the proper equipment and trained operators are available.

Adds Gress, “With our level of experience, coordination goes quickly, and customers are assured their products are delivered safely and efficiently,”