Add aerospace and space exploration to the burgeoning array of businesses and industries served by The Macomb Group.

A select group of products – specifically manual and automated ball and butterfly valve assemblies – are being supplied to several government sponsored aerospace agencies as well as private space enterprises.

According to Ryan Heideloff, Akron-based corporate sales manager at Macomb’s Engineered Products Group, these products are important to the agencies and companies involved.

“We have been working with the space agencies directly, as well as several of their project integrators, such as design, engineering, and procurement groups on maintenance, but mainly capital projects for industry research and testing facilities,” Heideloff explains.

The project count has grown over the last few years by “maintaining direct dialogue with the agencies and companies, which has spilled over nicely into customer referrals to the project integrators, creating for us further opportunities,” says Heideloff.

Heideloff points out that these projects come with very exacting specifications due to the critical nature of aerospace design and testing.

For example, complete Macomb Group automated valve assemblies – which are supplied, tested, tagged, and calibrated – can be found at one space agency’s supersonic wind tunnel for propulsion evaluation. This high-velocity application reaches speeds as high as Mach 2.

“It’s been a very exciting industry for our company to be involved with,” Heideloff notes. “As space-related research grows and the technology advances, we expect to play a big part of it.”

Every industry, including Aerospace, has tis own set of unique requirements, and that is where The Macomb Group excels. The Macomb Group has a team of knowledgeable, experienced professionals that understand these industries and can determine the best approach to deliver effective, cost-efficient results as quickly as possible.

And, with more than 30 years of combined experience, The Macomb Group’s Valve Automation Division has the knowledge and commitment to customer service that’s necessary to make your next valve automation project a success.