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Lochinvar Crest Hellcat

The Hellcat gas-fired boiler operates up to 96.2% thermal efficiency, “providing the highest seasonal efficiency over any other manufacturer.

This month, The Macomb Group joins hundreds of companies across the country in observing Energy Efficiency Day on Wednesday, Oct. 4 as well as Energy Awareness Month, saluting our product partners dedicated to nationwide energy conservation.

The Macomb Group is a longtime supplier of premium-grade commercial and industrial boilers engineered, designed, and manufactured by Lochinvar LLC. For nearly 80 years, Lochinvar, an American company, has been producing innovative high-efficiency water heating systems ranging from a few thousand up to six million BTUs.

Lochinvar is leading the way in energy conservation with its line of Crest boilers with Hellcat combustion technology.

According to Ian Thomas, heating division manager, the gas-fired boiler operates up to 96.2% thermal efficiency, “providing the highest seasonal efficiency over any other manufacturer.”

He explains that one of the advantages of Hellcat technology is what’s known in the industry as “true O2 trim,” meaning that the boilers’ oxygen sensors are operating anytime the boiler is in operation, which, in turn, optimizes combustion.

Another benefit, Thomas points out, is the boilers’ highest turndown rate in the industry at a 20:1 ratio, which prevents short cycling and provides maximum heating efficiency.

In addition, the new Hellcat-equipped Lochinvar boilers have a smart-sensing system which monitors the surrounding operating environment, measuring temperature, barometric pressure, and sudden weather changes.

“The unit learns and auto-adapts according to what is taking place, such as where heat is needed and automatically directs it to the proper zone,” Thomas says.

Ease of maintenance – from the front-end placement of the gas burners to the smartly-designed controls – is another user advantage. The Hellcat boilers also perform automatic internal diagnostics to ensure reliable operation.

“The customer will see huge savings in maintenance-related labor costs,” Thomas adds.

The Macomb Group has provided Lochinvar Hellcat boilers for a wide range of applications, including healthcare facilities, school systems, and universities, “anywhere there is a need for an energy-efficient hydronic heating system,” Thomas says, noting that customer feedback has been extremely positive, benefiting from a cost-saving system at a strong price point.

For more information about high-efficiency Lochinvar boilers contact Ian Thomas at ithomas@MacombGroup.com or call 734-624-1583.