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For many years, hot water heating systems have warmed our homes, offices, schools, and factories during these chilly winter months, providing clean, quiet and reliable heat, with ever-greater levels of energy efficiency.

Lochinvar FTXL Fire Tube Boiler

At The Macomb Group, the company is a longtime supplier of premium-grade commercial and industrial boilers engineered, designed, and manufactured by Lochinvar LLC. For nearly 80 years, Lochinvar, an American company, has been producing innovative high-efficiency water heating systems ranging from a few thousand up to six million BTUs.

According to Division Manager Ian Thomas, The Macomb Group’s Heating Division works with HVAC contractors and technicians across the Midwest and South to provide a wide array of commercial and industrial heating components, including Lochinvar boilers, for a broad variety of applications.

Thomas said there are important considerations to be made when shopping for a boiler.

“A customer along with his or her contractor will make a boiler selection based on a few components,” he stated. “Price is one factor, as high-efficiency boilers are more expensive than mid-efficiency boilers. Application is another factor, as some people will use a hydronic boiler in tandem with a forced air furnace to heat a different area such as a basement or to melt snow in a driveway.”

He added, “Boilers are also sometimes selected due to their high connectivity through a mobile phone or another smart device.”

For example, Thomas noted, Lochinvar boilers have a optional feature, CON-X-US, that provides the user remote connectivity to control the boiler through a full-function interactive display. Users of CON-X-US can enable multiple parties to view and control the status of the boiler in either a residential or commercial setting.

Thomas notes that Macomb Group Heating Division experts consult extensively with customers through a process which helps them choose and purchase exactly what a project requires, saving time and money.

To learn more, call Ian Thomas at 586-825-6931 or visit https://www.macombgroup.com/heating-division