When you’re running a job site around the clock, the last thing you want is for your team to be stuck waiting on essential materials. However, one company found itself in just that predicament. URS, a leading provider of engineering, construction, and technical services, paid workers time-and-a-half to be onsite 24/7 in Moundsville, W.Va. The site was running day and night, and when a Saturday afternoon pipe delivery from a local supplier didn’t arrive, construction was stalled. To avoid costly downtime, URS wasted no time in calling The Macomb Group. Because the Macomb Group’s inventory and infrastructure is always ready, a handful of experienced, knowledgeable employees were able to drop their Saturday plans and transport 7,000 feet of pipe and the necessary fittings to the West Virginia job site.

All the pieces in place 
URS has counted The Macomb Group among its suppliers for several years, relying on the company as its premier distributor for jobs near its Clarksville, Tenn. location. So when the supplier nearest its West Virginia job site could not quickly provide the required pipe, URS contacted The Macomb Group — even though Macomb was two states away from the job site.

The Clarksville Branch Manager, Derek Brunett, coordinated the effort between the three branches involved in fulfilling the order.

“The job in West Virginia was behind schedule and they needed material fast,” says Derek. “Because we had already proven we could handle their material needs in Clarksville, they knew we had the inventory, proper paper work, and delivery capabilities to help them out of their jam in West Virginia.”

The pipe was staged and waiting in Midland, but a qualified semi-truck driver was required to transport the enormous pipe across two states. Jason Rickord, from The Macomb Group’s Midland, Mich. branch, jumped in, giving up his weekend to load the pipe order and deliver it to the West Virginia job site.

On his way to West Virginia, Jason also had to stop and pick up the pipe fittings, which had been assembled at The Macomb Group’s Sterling Heights, Mich. location. Jason Mouat was waiting at the Sterling Heights dock to help load the parts.

Always ready 
“The key to this job is that it took only three people to make it happen on a moment’s notice,” says Scott Heneger, Manager of The Macomb Group’s Midland branch.

That combination of readiness and personal dedication from Macomb employees makes a big difference. “Our customer really appreciated that these people made themselves available during their off-time to make it happen when it needed to happen.” Scott adds, “We see that our customers appreciate this kind of dedication in our company time and time again.”

Because of this unmatched demonstration of customer service, URS has made The Macomb Group its go-to pipe supply distributor.

“We’re still getting orders from them for this job; they are not pricing out orders among various vendors now. We’ve proven our ability to do it, and they’re coming directly to us,” says Scott.

He continues, “Sure, you might shop around and find a cheaper coupling here and there, but you’re burning dollars and man hours if the supplies aren’t on the job site on time. We’ve proven we can make that happen.”

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