When you need a specialized part, material, or service, you go to a provider who has expertise in that area so you can be sure you’ll get exactly what you need. Then, you look for a specialist for the  next  part of your job.

What if one supplier could provide the expertise you need — for  all  parts of your job?

At The Macomb Group, our Specialty Divisions bring you experts with highly specialized knowledge. In addition, they are all a part of our connected organization, so they can quickly bring you creative and accurate solutions for every step in your contracting projects.

Just take a look at the amazing diversity of services you can get!

Oil and Gas Division

The biggest challenge for petroleum producers is immediate availability of materials, so we’ve invested in making sure we have large inventory of PVF that’s specifically suited for petroleum industry requirements, including large pipe and pipe and fittings that will handle pressures of 150 to 900 pounds. Having this inventory means we can ensure on-time delivery of the right materials, and compliance for any application or project.

Our team members are highly trained and knowledgeable. They are not just there to pick parts, but truly understand the requirements of oil and gas industry applications and can make recommendations to ensure correct product selection.

Dennis Roberts — 330-379-9006 or droberts@macombgroup.com

IAP/AWWA Division

The AWWA Division specializes in ductile iron pipe and valve solutions. We have 29 years of experience in the ductile iron pipe and valve industry and are backed by an engineering group that is unequaled in the industry. This means we can help customers with their most challenging pipe problems!

Doug Ritter — 614-620-9393 or  dritter@macombgroup.com
Aaron Capps — 330-379-9006 or  acapps@macombgroup.com

Hose Division

The Macomb group Hose Division offers all types of specially fabricated hose for flexible piping solutions. The Hose Division is also responsible for Teflon-lined spool pieces for the chemical and power generation industries.

The Hose Division engineers and delivers innovative solutions for customers’ fluid, steam, and air-handling needs. We are dedicated to finding the safest and most economical solutions to flexible piping needs.

Together, the personnel of the hose division have more than 75 years of experience in rubber, chemical, and welded metal hose as well as the PVF industry. We understand our customers’ needs and wants when it comes to hose solutions.

Tim Chapman — 586-825-6950 or  tchapman@macombgroup.com
Jen Jessen — 734-943-1010 or  jjessen@macombgroup.com

Valve Automation/Instrument Group

The Macomb Group’s Instrumentation specialists perform a wide variety of automation and actuation services. We certify pressure gauges to NIST-traceable standards, and perform pressure gauge and diaphragm seal filling and mounting with our own in-house vacuum chamber. We can supply automated ball and butterfly valves as well as natural gas pressure regulators out of stock.

Our personnel have across-the-board product knowledge for many different brands, so we can offer the best, most economical solution to a customer’s particular application. Our ability to take minimal information and turn it into a viable solution for the customer is invaluable, and we provide turnaround solutions quicker than any of the competition.

Terry McGivern —586-825-6941
John Mazzie —734-943-1014
Steve Barton — 586-825-6943

Fire & Fabrication Division

Macomb Fire & Fabrication Division offers big pipe fabrication and welding services for fire protection contractors. Out teams operate out of multiple locations and specialize in turning projects around faster than anyone in the industry.

Most construction and service projects are very time sensitive, and the fire protection portion is crucial in getting the certificate of occupancy and the building or business open on time. Macomb Fire takes pride in meeting stringent delivery schedules with no backorders. We deliver a quality fab product, bundled and labeled to the customer’s specifications, ready for installation.

All of our welders are certified, and we have state-of-the-art fabrication equipment in multiple fabrication shops, all of which are NFPA certified. Our stock listers all have blueprint reading expertise, so customers can simply send their drawings and trust us to take care of the rest.

Regardless of where your job is located — from Kentucky to the Eastern Seaboard — we can reach you easily; we have three locations that offer welding capabilities, and all our locations offer fabrication capabilities.

All of this, coupled with a knowledgeable, experienced sales staff and a partnership with top-shelf, industry-leading manufacturers of fire protection pipe valves and fittings, equates to a quality fab product and materials delivered to the jobsite.

Let us meet your Fire Protection needs!

Phone — 734-779-0706
Fax — 734-779-0716
Email —  macombfire@macombgroup.com 
Dennis Roberts — 330-379-9006 or  droberts@macombgroup.com

Contact us by email at  info@macombgroup.com  or by phone at 888-756-4110. For a complete list of Macomb Group locations and numbers,  visit our website .