September was a month of action for The Macomb Group!

The Akron office moved out of its 35,000-square-foot facility on Johnson Street to a newly remodeled, 85,000-square-foot location. Everyone at the branch worked hard during and after hours — including weekends!

But their hard work was worthwhile; the new facility is spacious and The Macomb Group will be able to grow into this location for years to come. The facility was once a steel fabrication facility and was set up with six cranes. It turns out to be a perfect building for pipe, valves, and fittings.

This expansion is a testament to the work of Dennis Roberts and his employees, who have been with him since the Richfield Building, a 15,000-square-foot space with no cranes. With this new facility and new employees, this location will soon become one of the main hubs for the Macomb Group. Congrats to everyone at Akron and best wishes for your bright future!

Along with the move to the new location in Akron, The Macomb Group also moved the Hose Division and Heating Division from Livonia to Sterling Heights.

We moved these two divisions to optimize our offerings and house all our specialty groups under one roof. We now have our Insulation, Fire Fabrication, Hose, and Heating Divisions and the Quotation Group all in the same area, which allows us to react quickly and share information easily. It also allows us to cross-train employees, so if we are overwhelmed in one area, we can help out with people from a different division. This work style will allow us to adapt to large jobs and increased business cycles.

The moves were not small tasks, as the employees from both groups can attest. The Heating Division moved William Guenther and Kevin O’Neill to their new desks in Sterling Heights to join Ian Thomas and Alan Thomas, who were recently hired to do “Bid/Spec” work and quotations.

The Hose Division not only moved employees (Tim Chapman, Leo Smith, and Pat Knittel; Jen Jessen stayed in Livonia) from Livonia, but they also had to move all of the equipment and hose. The group had to get set up so business could run as usual starting Monday, Sept. 30. A lot of people from Sterling Heights and Livonia worked hard to meet the goal, and come Monday, the Hose Division was open for business!

Our new insulation division, R.L. Bondy, will be moving employees and equipment to the Sterling Heights office the first week of November, as well. Make sure to check out the next edition of The Macomb Pipeline for more information.

Thanks to everyone in the Hose Division and Heating Division for all your hard work, and thanks to those who helped make the transition a reality. There is still a lot of work to do in the new Hose Assembly area, but the group is happy to have a larger area — almost five times the space they had at the Livonia facility — and it will be one of the premier hose assembly areas for years to come.

Thank you all for your hard work and dedication!

Chuck Raymond
National Sales Manager
The Macomb Group