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HVAC technicians across the industry are being recognized for their demanding work and professionalism on Wednesday, June 22, designated as National HVAC Tech Day.

At The Macomb Group, the company’s Heating Division works with HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) contractors and technicians across the Midwest and South to provide a wide array of commercial and industrial heating components and services for a broad variety of applications.

One component line, air/dirt separators manufactured by Spirotherm, have proved popular with HVAC system builders and technicians.

“It’s a highly-engineered, industry-leading product line geared to industrial and commercial applications,” says Heating Division Manager Ian Thomas. “You could call it our boutique brand.”

Spirotherm air/dirt separators use a patented medium to eliminate air and separate impurities in a boiler or chiller system. Air pockets as well as slurries can over time accumulate in the system piping, creating system inefficiencies and potential maintenance problems.

“The air removal and the dirt removal processes are contained in a single unit,” Thomas explains, adding that the separators feature removable heads for easy inspection and cleaning.

In addition, the Spirotherm products are manufactured in sizes to handle piping from three-quarter inch diameter all the way to 36 inches and carry a 20-year warranty.

Thomas notes that Macomb Group Heating Division experts consult extensively with customers through a process which helps them choose and purchase exactly what a project requires, saving time and money.

To learn more call Ian Thomas at 586.825.6931, or visit https://www.macombgroup.com/heating-division

Let’s take time on June 22 to honor all those dedicated HVAC technicians who help keep our systems humming.