Are you looking to purchase a new actuated valve? The Macomb Group instrumentation division is here to help. We’ll take the time to learn about your specific application, then recommend best, most cost-effective solution.

The experts at Macomb can adapt a new actuator to your existing valve or a new valve to your existing actuator. In addition, we can make all types of valve assemblies to adapt to your application, whether it’s a high temp/high pressure application, three-way diverting valve for a heating or cooling loop, or any of 1000 other applications.

We’ll start by getting the right information from you. We have developed a questionnaire that helps you know what information we need and allows us to provide the best solution for your specific application.

Then, give the Macomb Group a call to get a quote on your application today.

Do you already know what you need? Visit our website to see our products, then place your order and consider it done! Contact the experts at The Macomb Group by email at or by phone at 888-756-4110. Find a complete list of Macomb Group Locations and Numbers here.

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