Like many businesses, universities run 24/7, so finding time to complete maintenance on a critical heating system is no easy feat. But one university facilities department planned the best possible downtime scenario: they scheduled the heating system maintenance for Thanksgiving break. University students and faculty would be away, so the maintenance crew could shut down the heating system of one of the campus buildings for the planned pipe change. However, once the heater was disassembled, the crew realized that they didn’t have the 4-inch ProPress Copper fittings needed to install the main lines for the hydronic heating system. This discovery was made on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, when few people are in their offices and those parts would be virtually impossible to locate. Still, the heat needed to be turned back on as soon as possible, so the parts had to be found.

Nice save

Kirk Humphrey, Regional Manager of The Macomb Group, understands that it’s inconceivable for a project to fail because a few fittings are missing. “For many people working on a project during a maintenance shutdown, their job would be on the line in this situation. They scheduled and planned the project, and they might have been in big trouble had they not been able to finish as planned,” he says.

Fortunately, the university is a longtime customer of The Macomb Group, so the maintenance crew called the 24-hour customer service hotline. Humphrey responded immediately, calling those in the company who have off-site access to inventory information.

At The Macomb Group’s Lansing branch, Steve Wymer found the parts the crew needed in less than 15 minutes. The two pieces of 4-inch ProPress 45 and one piece of a 4-inch ProPress street 90 were at The Macomb Group’s Livonia warehouse.

Humphrey met one of the university’s crew in Livonia and handed off the parts. Within an hour of their urgent phone call, the parts were in the crew’s hands, and they were able to complete the job on time.

No doubts, no worries

The university crew knew their first call would be to Macomb for three reasons:

  1. The Macomb Group is responsive.
  2. The Macomb Group has an extensive inventory of parts.
  3. The Macomb Group always comes through.

At The Macomb Group there are no small parts; there are only parts that are required to get the job done. It seems like every company claims to have great customer service, but The Macomb Group truly fulfills that promise, even under less than ideal circumstances.

As this university knows firsthand, for everyone at The Macomb Group, superior customer service is not a slogan, it’s a commitment.

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