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Bondy Insulation has teamed up with major automotive to build EV Battery plants.

It’s been an electrifying time for The Macomb Group’s Bondy Insulation subsidiary as it teams up with several major automotive JVs (joint ventures) to build EV battery plants across five states.

We recently connected with Bondy Vice President of Sales & Marketing Brad Becker to get the lowdown.

“Among mechanical insulation contractors, no one else is involved in building EV battery plants on the scale that we are,” Becker reports.

The projects include two plants in Tennessee: one for a Ford Motor Company JV and the other for a General Motors JV. Bondy is also at work at a second Ford JV plant in Kentucky, two other GM JV projects in Ohio and Michigan and they will be starting a Stellantis EV battery plant in Indiana later this year. In addition, Bondy is also doing work on standalone battery plants that are not affiliated with a particular automaker like the LG facility in Holland, Michigan.

“Since we’re primarily located in the Midwest, working with the automotive industry is a great fit,” Becker explains. “With the ‘big three’ automakers headquartered in the Detroit area, we are familiar with the work and the customer expectations, and we are able to maintain our level of service as the project sites branch out from Michigan.”

Bondy Insulation designs, supplies, and installs high and low temperature mechanical insulation for piping systems, ductwork, and heavy-duty equipment in a wide range of commercial, institutional, industrial, and automotive applications.

Bondy and its approximately 200 installers work directly with mechanical piping contractors, project architects, design engineers, owners, and general contractors to provide best-in-class insulation systems.

While most projects are installed based on predetermined specifications, Bondy offers customers the ability to evaluate project plans for efficiency, value, personnel safety, and expertise in recommending alternative solutions whenever appropriate.

In 2013 Bondy became a Macomb Group Company which has allowed it to continue its expansion throughout the U.S. with locations in Sterling Heights, Grand Rapids, and Midland, Michigan; Toledo and Lima, Ohio; Clarksville, Tennessee., and South Bend, Indiana.

However, as Becker points out, the company has completed mechanical insulation projects across 30 U.S. states, extending to the Atlantic seaboard where a new project in New Jersey is underway.

“If a project and market are a good fit for us, we will pursue it.  We have the talent and experience as proven and well-respected leaders in the insulation industry to continue winning new business across the country,” says Becker.

Joining forces with Bondy bodes well for the future, and The Macomb Group is excited to be connected to this powerful approach to our future energy needs.