Many people know that The Macomb Group provides unparalleled quality heating and steam process equipment. However, not everyone knows that we have an exemplary team of heating experts to assist with all aspects of heating and steam system evaluation and planning.

The Macomb Group’s Heating Division assists Utility Companies, Contractors, Schools, Colleges, Industrial, and Automotive customers. We can supply pipe, valves, and fittings to hook up the heating equipment, and we can also help customers engineer and design a water heating system, steam and condensate systems, and in-floor radiant heating systems.

Experience yields high ROI

The Macomb Group’s heating experts can answer questions about any type of water heating or building heating system. “For example, many contractors want us to help them determine the right size for a water heating system. They might ask how many gallons of water they are going to need on any given day. So we ask a few questions, run a few calculations, and we steer people in the right direction,” says Kevin O’Neill, Heating Division Manager. “We can help customers save a lot of energy, time, and money when they call on us for our knowledge.” O’Neill says he regularly has customers ask questions like “If I buy or sell a high efficiency boiler, how much will that save me versus an 80 percent efficiency boiler? What’s the five-year payback, or a one-year payback?” The heating team runs the numbers and estimates the potential return on investment for customers.

The Macomb Group sends its highly qualified and experienced heating technicians out to a site to examine the existing system. They do a full evaluation, looking for problems, inefficiencies, outdated processes, and safety issues. They can fully troubleshoot existing systems, gathering enough information to help customers determine the most cost-effective way to fix a problem or update what they have.

Keeping it simple and quick
Many times The Macomb Group can simply replace a part; this saves the customer thousands of dollars they might otherwise have spent replacing an entire heating system.

Our consulting services, M.E.R.I.T. (Macomb Energy Resource Integration Team) and the Heating Division evaluate a system. The experts then create discounted bundled packages that include all of the parts necessary to repair, upgrade, modernize, or replace existing heating, boiler, or steam systems.

“We’ve gone out on quite a few job sites thinking we will need to replace boilers. Then we went in and ended up showing them how to make what they already have more efficient,” says O’Neill.

The Macomb Group makes a priority of keeping more than enough parts on hand so orders can be filled almost immediately. In addition, the company’s team of logistics experts is incredibly prompt with scheduling.

Full service for every job
Improving efficiency reduces carbon footprints and lowers energy bills. That’s not the extent of savings, though. The Heating Division at The Macomb Group also helps clients realize the residual benefits of making their systems more energy efficient by maximizing tax write-offs meant to incentivize energy efficiency upgrades.

“We look past the initial cost and what will really be the best deal for them, taking in all of the factors from reduced energy costs, lower maintenance costs, increased tax credits, and long-term payout so they can get the biggest bang for their buck,” O’Neill says.

The Macomb Group can provide exactly what you need with any heating or steam process, whether it’s a boiler system for a stadium, a steam process for an Auto Plant, or lowering the gas usage and increasing comfort for a heating system at a retirement home.

Let us take care of the details for your heating repair or installation. Visit our website or contact the heating experts at The Macomb Group by email at or by phone at 888-756-4110 .