Kentucky Utilities’ Krebs Cyclone unit before and after the addition of the innovative PVC shroud, developed by The Macomb Group. – See more at:

Workers must lift the covers out of the concrete floor to spray and knock off the limestone slurry buildup. It’s a time-consuming, difficult job that requires considerable manpower. In addition, the cyclones have to be shut down during the process, costing the plant production time and man hours.

Kentucky Utility challenged Selena by asking: “Can you fix this problem?” The plant manager already presented the issue to Kentucky Utility’s regular suppliers, but no one had come up with a solution.

Up for the challenge 
Selena accepted the challenge, knowing that Chuck Raymond, Macomb’s National Sales Manager, could engineer something that would work. Drawing on his 28 years of experience, Chuck did not disappoint.

After examining the covers and the existing engineering, Chuck sketched a design for a shroud using PVC materials sourced from the Tri-Mer Corporation. The PVC panels that form the shroud are only 50 pounds each, allowing one or two workers to remove and clean them with little effort.

The plant tested the new materials on one of the nine systems. Testing revealed that the three-foot PVC panels Kentucky Utility originally requested were too small, and resulted in the slurry splashing over the top. The Macomb Group quickly engineered one-foot extensions for the cyclone.

After that adjustment, the new shroud worked perfectly, and Kentucky Utility is moving forward with installation of four-foot shrouds for the remaining eight cyclones. The second cyclone is scheduled to be refurbished soon.

Happier, safer workers 
“The maintenance crew really loves being able to move the shroud plates easily. The workers were very happy. The foreman loved making things easier for his guys. He really wanted to make sure his workers weren’t struggling anymore,” says Selena.

Solving a difficult problem for Kentucky Utilities was just part of another day’s work for Selena and The Macomb Group. With its extensive transportation, supply, and distribution channels, The Macomb Group will get innovative solutions to its customers quickly — no matter how big the issue seems at first glance.

“With the experience that Macomb has on staff, we can help customers find solutions even if they’re not in our wheelhouse,” Selena says. “We have the resources to find creative solutions for our customers.”

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There comes a time for every company when a seemingly unsolvable problem crops up and creates a roadblock. Often it’s a job or process that is too difficult, costly, or time-consuming, and no one in the organization can think of a more efficient, faster, or less expensive way to complete the task. However, when it comes to helping its clients, The Macomb Group doesn’t believe in unsolvable problems. It has the resources and experience to find a solution to any piping or PVC-related conundrum. Selena Carli, Kentucky Branch Manager for The Macomb Group, knows how important it is for customers to have somewhere to turn when a problem arises. “Of course Macomb can do basic parts orders, the bread-and-butter of our business, with its eyes closed. But it’s the above-and-beyond that really creates trust with customers,” says Selena. Show us what you can do 
Kentucky Utilities, a coal-burning power plant, uses nine Kreb Cyclones in its slurry process. The cyclone spins slurry to separate liquid from solid matter — a very messy process. To protect the surrounding environment and floor, each cyclone is fitted with a heavy metal plate cover. These mammoth covers periodically require cleaning and maintenance to ensure the cyclones don’t become clogged and stop working.