Tags: HVAC Technology

Commercial and industrial buildings heated by boiler systems continue to reap the benefits of zone-controlled heating as a way of optimizing their energy usage.

According to The Macomb Group’s Heating Division, which supplies key components for zone temperature control, these “smart” solutions are not just popular but beneficial to customers looking for ways to control energy consumption.

“The Macomb Group supplies zone heating products by internationally-recognized manufacturer Caleffi, which include zone pump controls, zone valve controls, as well as the zone valves themselves,” reports Heating Division Manager Ian Thomas. “They’ve become very popular in both commercial and industrial uses, and we keep them stocked across our branch locations.”

According to Thomas, zone heat planning begins with identifying the total space that requires heating, then identifying the different zones that require various temperature levels. Determining the R-value of the building’s insulation is another key consideration.

For example, a front office with employees and low ceilings would have different heating requirements than a high-ceilinged warehouse or manufacturing area. Incorporating thermostatically and electrically actuated zone pumps and valves uses the heat provided by the main boiler in the most efficient manner.

Thomas notes that as HVAC technology continues to evolve, manufacturers and suppliers like The Macomb Group can offer products with increased efficiency and value.

In addition, The Macomb Group’s Heating Division’s experts consult extensively with customers through a process which helps them choose and purchase exactly what a project requires, saving time and money.

To learn more, call Ian Thomas at 586.825.6931, or visit  https://www.macombgroup.com/heating-division